WOW! Shocking Admission From EPA Official On East Palestine Streams 

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In a stunning admission this week, a top EPA official revealed a shocking new admittance regarding the waters surrounding East Palestine, Ohio where a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed nearly one month ago. The EPA official’s admittance is making headlines, especially since his remarks contradict EVERYTHING the agency has claimed true thus far!

As far as officials are concerned, the waters surrounding East Palestine, Ohio, and its surrounding areas are completely safe. In most cases, though, the official story is only for the plebeians. Those in power know the truth, and one of them admitted it this week.

According to an NOG Report, Michael Regan, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, visited East Palestine this week and answered some questions from reporters. When independent journalist Nick Sortor posed a question to Regan about the waters surrounding the Ohio town, his answer was both honest and frightening.

Rarely do we hear some truth from the EPA, FDA, CDC, or other government agencies…but this week was one of those times as Regan was being honest. 

Independent journalists and residents of East Palestine have been sharing the details of their experiences following the toxic derailment event over the last couple of weeks, and have all proved one thing true: the water is nowhere near safe to drink..

Just watch what happened when Senator JD Vance poked around a local East Palestine creek with a stick following the derailment of the train carrying toxic chemicals.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, East Palestine’s air and water are safe and it will continue to monitor the effects of the toxic train derailment. In spite of this, some local residents report dizziness, headaches, and rashes, indicating that contamination is not being properly monitored.

As part of an effort to maintain calm, local, state, and federal officials have taken part in photo ops to assure residents that the water is safe. Experts note, however, that drinking one glass of contaminated water may not have the same effects as drinking it every day.

East Palestine residents are far from the only people skeptical of the EPA’s assurance that the water is safe to drink.  

Now, a major grocery chain is pulling water that was bottled 25 miles from the East Palestine crash site off of store shelves.

Giant Eagle, which operates hundreds of stores in five states, including Ohio, withdrew its spring water which comes from Salineville, Ohio, out of an “abundance of caution.”

This week brought a breath of honesty with the shock admittance made by Michael Regan, administrator of the EPA. Despite a government announcement that “the waters surrounding East Palestine, Ohio and its surrounding areas are completely safe,” Regan revealed he would not let his own children near the water due to contamination caused by the derailment nearly one month ago. The fact that such a significant representative of the government is willing to openly admit the truth about this situation speaks volumes about how serious it truly is. Regan’s honesty emphasizes the need for more awareness and truthfulness of this issue, and accountability from those in charge.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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