WATCH Kamala Harris Cackle Uncontrollably after Uttering Strange Childhood Story 

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If we’ve learned anything from Kamala Harris’ time as VP, we know that some of her stories are so strange that they leave us scratching our heads – and it happened again this week. Prepare to cringe, because you are about to see Harris lose control and start cackling uncontrollably while sharing a simply strange memory from her youth.

Well, it turns out Kamala has been spreading political division ever since she was a child. On Monday, Kamala Harris raised eyebrows with some comments she made about conservatives. 

As part of the Biden administration’s push for clean energy, Harris spoke Monday at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities in Colorado. She described her journey to becoming environmentally conscious during the discussion. She said the Bay Area, where she was born, was the birthplace of the environmental movement. 

Harris then recalled one day coming home from school and asking her mother: “Why are conservatives bad, mommy?” 

There were no holds barred in Twitter users’ reactions to Harris’ comments, with many claiming that this story never took place:

One person tweeted, “Of all the things that never happened this never happened the hardest.”

Another person said, “She’s a heartbeat away from the White House. God help us all”

And Jason Howerton said Kamala’s words take away his will to live.

When Kamala went off script during her speech and shared the odd memory from her youth, she proceeded to cackle hysterically, leaving many viewers scratching their heads. While some may find it merely strange, others find it concerning that Harris is the second-in-line for the presidency of the United States. Moreover, it is truly scary to think that someone with such odd behavior can be a leader of our nation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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