Marianne Williamson fights back against White House press secretary

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 Being a press secretary is a lofty position, one that must be done with decorum and grace. Joe Biden’s hired press secretaries, including Jen Psaki, have handled the job with no grace or class. Karine Jean Pierre’s performance to date has been marked by disrespect and a lack of dignity – particularly when pettily addressing one of her own. This classless conduct was not overlooked by the female presidential candidate who gave an equally stern rebuke in response

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson showed a fierce nature when she responded to Karine Jean-Pierre’s dismissive remark. The White House press secretary had made the comment when asked about the first democratic challenger to her current boss.  In her KJP way she Insinuated that Williamson would be a non-serious contender. Williamson used her wits to make sure people knew she wasn’t one to be walked all over even by members of her own party.

Fox News reports, Marianne Williamson responded to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s dis about her 2024 presidential campaign on Tuesday.

A question about Williamson during Monday’s press briefing prompted Jean-Pierre to mock her campaign for president, including joking about crystal balls and auras in an apparent reference to Williamson’s past work as a spiritual adviser.

When asked if President Biden is annoyed by Marianne Williamson’s 2024 presidential bid, Karine Jean-Pierre replied:

Let’s TAKE A LOOK at her arrogant answer

Classy, Karine. Classy!

In a video posted on Twitter Tuesday, Williamson dismissed Jean-Pierre’s mocking as disrespectful to a presidential candidate.

Marianne wrote, “They might think it’s a joke, but there’s nothing amusing about people going bankrupt from medical debt or children going to bed hungry.”

As a final blow, a dagger of a response was delivered.

Diversity can be a great thing, but when it’s the only criteria for hiring someone, the result may not reflect positively on the motives. Karine Jean Peiere is an example of this; although she may have been brought on to fulfill a requirement, her pathetic attacks and lack of valuable insight into the skillset have made it easy to justify why no one should take her seriously. Williamson is too respectable and classy to waste her breath on someone like KJP. Welcome to the political arena Williamson.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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