OMG. Crowd Falls SILENT after Biden Calls Trump the ‘Future President’

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This week, Biden absolutely shocked the crowd at an event he headlined as he brought up President Trump and even called him the “future president.” It surely was a tense moment as the crowd couldn’t believe their ears when they heard these words come out of Biden’s mouth!

Joe Biden suggested on Thursday that Donald Trump could be the “future” President again. As soon as he said this, he ’prayed’ and said “Bless me father”.

On Twitter, people mocked him for this moment, with one person commenting, “That’s the most honest thing he’s said in this entire speech.”

And another said, “Unbelievable, Biden got something right”

Meanwhile, Biden’s speech had more surprises than that. In addition, he falsely claimed that his policies had reduced the deficit:

Meanwhile, even Moody’s Analytics have blasted Joe Biden for his lies regarding the deficit. Last year, Moody’s said, “The actions of the administration and Congress have undoubtedly resulted in higher deficits, not smaller ones. It is encouraging that the administration has proposed some initiatives to bring down the deficit, but so far none of those initiatives has been seriously considered.”

Biden then gaslit the audience by stating that REPUBLICANS want to “defund the police”, despite his party having called for police departments to be abolished across the country on multiple occasions.

Biden’s suggestion that Trump will be the future President very well may be the most honest thing he’s ever said – and not only during Thursday’s speech, but throughout his entire presidency! This comment will likely come back to bite Biden, as I’m sure it’s already in the process of being used in some sort of ad promoting Trump’s 2024 campaign! 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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