Kamala Warns Of ‘Climate Mental Health’ Crisis, For Kids

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Americans often make jokes about their dearly under-qualified Vice President, who aside from simply occupying space, has yet to accomplish anything of value. Nevertheless, if there is something she has proven to be quite adept at, it’s her ability to capture viral attention any time she steps up in front of a camera. While many were initially convinced that professional speech writers had composed what she spoke – now it appears that Americans may have been vastly underestimating the Vice President’s capacities for communicating her thoughts directly into words. Whether you love or hate her speeches, one can’t deny that when it comes to staying in the public eye, the Vice President sure has mastered the virality formula!

OutKick reports, Kamala Harris is on a roll. In a recent nonsensical statement, the vice president, who has frequently made ridiculous statements, went one step further.

Harris spoke at the “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference” in Miami Beach on Wednesday. In no time at all, things spiraled out of control.

According to her, young people are existentially terrified of climate change based on her conversations with them.

The Vice President even provided it with examples.


You can’t blame Democrats for pretending to want Biden to run and completely leaving her out.

According to CNN, During a Boston radio interview in late January, Warren expressed enthusiasm for President Biden running for reelection, but, when asked whether Harris should keep his running mate, she said, “I really want to defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team.”

Various details of the incident and its aftermath have been described by multiple people close to the Massachusetts senator and vice president to CNN, feeding a breakdown of accusation and misunderstanding.

“Pretty insulting,” is how one person close to Harris described her feelings and the feelings of others in the vice president’s office.

Warren reportedly called to explain her statement as an unintentional fumble to avoid stepping on a campaign announcement from the president.

Many Democratic leaders believe that if people don’t become more positive about the next in line, they may turn away from the ticket completely. For Biden’s sake, or for Democrats’ sake, or for the future of the party, they are urging their allies to stop Harris’ attack.

The Democratic Party is in a heap of trouble if people within the party come to see Kamala Harris in the same way that much of the country sees her—an incompetent and unqualified disaster. Joe Biden’s lack of competence isn’t disguised so much due to his advanced age and his obvious dementia but Kamala Harris has earned her reputation as incompetent leader by not saying anything about the border crisis for an entire year, with no plans to take any sort of corrective action. The entire country knows she’s a diversity chosen and it’s clearly showing.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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