IDIOCRACY: The Results are in and America is DUMBER Than Ever Before

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In an age where technological advances have taken over, we are seeing a new generation of adults emerge. While the previous American generations may have been considered smart and sharp, the same cannot yet be said for Gen-z. Unfortunately, we may soon get our answer with regard to this generation’s overall IQ. You might want to sit for this news.

The Washington Free Beacon reports,

New research indicates Americans’ average IQ is declining for the first time in nearly a century, while many schools are gutting curriculum standards in an attempt to promote equity and inclusion.

According to a new study published in the psychology journal Intelligence and covered by Campus Reform, young Americans aged 18-22 saw the biggest decline in IQ. It is suggested by the study’s authors that poor education may have resulted in these IQ declines between 2006 and 2018.

Study findings coincide with the elimination of honors curriculums from high schools across the country under the guise of racial equity. A Los Angeles school district that denied honors students the opportunity to enroll in accelerated classes faced backlash from parents.

In addition, the University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia University have removed entrance exam requirements from their admission requirements.

According to plaintiffs in the Asian-discrimination lawsuit against Harvard, emphasizing objective measures like exam scores could eliminate bias resulting from subjective criteria.

Fox Gutfeld had a great time discussing the top at length.

With IQ being developed at a young age, it’s important for parents to ensure their children are mentally stimulated in order to give them the best start possible. The 18-22 demographic grew up with technology, putting them ahead of their predecessors with tech and neglecting the fundamentals. What we should be more concerned about is the following generations who have already been set back due to lockdowns. Not only that but technology has and or will continue to advance significantly over the years and this combined with an increased screen time amongst youngsters could add to IQ levels drastically decreasing. But if parents choose to focus first hand on educating their next generation of kids, and limit screen time until a later age, these negative impacts will be diminished and we may be able to stir clear from the forthcoming trend. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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