Is Biden Making YOU Pay for His Granddaughter’s Vacation?

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 It pays to be related to the Biden Family. We all know of the family dynamic with Hunter and now there may be a little minor one brewing right before our eyes. As we know Biden loves to pretend to be a family man so he has made it his political duty to mix official business with personal business.This time it involves his eldest granddaughter, Natalie.

President Biden set out on a trip to San Diego earlier this week, during which he joined Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of Australia and U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to finalize the AUKUS partnership and partake in a DNC reception. This being one of the many travels he has taken alongside his family members, Biden made sure that his eldest granddaughter Natalie Biden, who is coincidently on spring break, tag along for the ride on official business.

Town Hall reports, the president has been known to spend time with his extended family (except for Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child, which he and the First Lady have yet to acknowledge) during his frequent long-weekend visits to his properties in Delaware.

His granddaughter’s ride-along was made public during a gaggle held by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre aboard Air Force One on the way from Washington to San Diego. 

In response to the question of why Natalie was tagging along, Jean-Pierre explained that “as you know, the president’s family tends to travel with him quite a bit, so that isn’t uncommon” before explaining that “Natalie is on spring break and so she joined her- she wanted to spend time with her ‘Pop,’ so she joined her ‘Pop’ on this trip.”

How nice for Natalie to have a spring break trip to San Diego aboard Air Force One, right?

One reporter asked an excellent follow-up question.

So, Biden’s granddaughter flew on Air Force One and is traveling with the president to and from San Diego, official events, and a DNC fundraiser, and Karine Jean-Pierre does not know whether Natalie’s cross-country spring break trip will be funded by taxpayers who are stumbling under inflation and having to cut back on their own vacation plans?

The IRS ruling from the Nixon era suggests that Natalie should be reimbursed for personal travel on Air Force One by her family members at a “first-class rate.” 

Biden probably thinks since he’s president he can do just about anything he wants, but that’s not the case. Air Force One does not belong to any president, it belongs to the American tax-payers. The Biden family are millionaires so they can clearly afford for Natali Biden to travel via any private means she wants. Just not on the tax-payer dime. 

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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