KJP’s Silence on this SIMPLE Bank Consolidation Question Says EVERYTHING We Need to Know

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Time and time again, the Biden administration has demonstrated their lack of knowledge and competence in handling the pressing issues facing our great nation. Adding to this ever-growing list of debacles is Karine Jean-Pierre’s recent failure to provide a straightforward answer to a simple question concerning the recent banking failures during a press briefing. 

During a press briefing this week, when asked whether Biden supports or opposes further consolidation of banks, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t answer the basic question.

After not being able to produce enough cash for depositors, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank closed. Deposits over the $250K FDIC insured threshold were protected under the Biden Regime.

Asked if Joe Biden supports further bank consolidation, Karine Jean-Pierre punted the question to the “relevant banking regulators” before moving onto incoherently rambling about Joe Biden .

There is no telling who will get a bailout from the Biden Regime.

As a result of the US government’s pick-and-choose policy, many are concerned about bank consolidation. Only the big banks will remain if the smaller regional banks fail.

This disturbing lack of transparency present in the Biden administration should leave any true American patriot deeply concerned. Karine Jean-Pierre’s inability to answer a basic question on banking showcases the regrettable state of incompetence in the administration. This distressing display of ignorance is just one instance in a long series of unbecoming incidents that suggest a decay of American leadership and a disregard for the citizens’ right to transparency. The departure from truth and accountability, as exemplified by Jean-Pierre’s inept response, should serve as a wake-up call for all Americans to remain vigilant and hold the government accountable for their actions.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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