New York: ICE Swamped with Migrant Appointments Until 2032

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We must face the undeniable consequences of our border crisis: a nation in turmoil and ICE agents releasing an extraordinary memo so startling that it will leave a lot of us at a loss for words.Yet, despite such overwhelming revelations, Biden officials will continue to ignore the severity of the
issue at the border.

With the current backlog of appointments in New York City’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, it appears that migrants released at the southern border will have a long wait for their day in court. This is clearly not a sustainable situation and solutions are long overdue. The New York based office for ice has warned us all that they’re fully booked with migrant processing appointments until next decade, 2032.

The New York post reports, the Big Apple is, therefore, the ideal destination for migrants with dubious asylum claims, and a nightmare for those who have valid claims.
According to sources, migrants may have to wait almost a decade to enter immigration court, which is plagued by further delays.
Thomas Homan, the acting ICE director from January 2017 through June 2018 said, “If you want to stay here and fight your case for 12 years [and] if you do your research or the cartels do their research … that’s actually pretty clever.”
This all comes after our border recently saw a rush of migrants over the weekend.

A document reviewed by The Post lists the “Top 10 Parole/NTR Appointment Backlog Locations” and says that on Feb. 13, ICE’s New York City office had 39,216 non-citizen appointments, making it the most clogged.
ICE’s second-most backlogged office is in Jacksonville, Fla., where 2,686 migrants are waiting for appointments through June 2028.
In third place, Miramar, Fla., has 24,747 migrants scheduled for appointments through January 2028.
Among the top ten offices were Atlanta (“mostly booked” through January 2027), San Antonio (“fully booked” through February 2027), Mount Laurel, NJ (“fully booked” through May 2026), Chicago (“mostly booked” through February 2026), Baltimore (“mostly booked” through January 2026), Milwaukee (“fully booked” through February 2026) and Indianapolis (“fully booked” through January 2026).
CLOSE. To any other administration this solidly book decade of appointment would have prompted an announcement to the migrants to stop coming, but we all know the Biden Admin won’t. To think, most of these asylum cases aren’t legitimate because most of them are economical; making real cases for seeking asylum much harder. For an administration that claims to want to help, they seem to be doing more harm.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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