Insanity: Dove Accuses ‘The Whale’ Of Fat Appropriation!

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You know, when rich multi millionaires actors got together to give themselves awards, people used to be slightly entertained because the movies were somewhat good, but now most Americans could care less. Now these awards are elites coming together to shove their elitist point of views down the viewers throats or someone accuse them of appropriating some minority group.

The recent Oscars had Dove beauty brand publicly initiating a conversation about fat appropriation in Hollywood. They featured an accusation directed at “The Whale” and its portrayal of the lead actor, Brendan Fraser, in a fat suit. Although the film won an Oscar for best hair and makeup, Dove considers it as profiting from fat appropriation. Dove has clearly forgotten how all movies are made. 

Daily wire reports, an individual complained on Twitter that Hollywood studios were appropriating the identities of fat people who would not have needed makeup in order to play fat characters, arguing that they should cast only fat actors in fat roles.

In a now protected tweet @KBHeylen tweeted, “So disappointing that ‘The Whale’ won the Oscar for best hair and makeup. Fat suits are harmful — they are not your opportunity to win awards. Our identity is not your costume. Cast fat actors to play fat characters.”

Which prompted a response from Dove replying with: “Stop giving fat suits awards!! We want better representation in Hollywood. #LetsChangeBeauty.”

Dove’s tweet sparked a response from some who noted Fraser’s character’s lethality, not just the fact that the weight was unhealthy.

A supposed movie critique with the handle @TheCriticalDrinker blasted Dove saying,

“Maybe because being 600lb is massively dangerous, and film studios would rather use prosthetics and makeup than an actor who might not even survive the film?”

Several critics called out the company, telling them to stick to soap (or complaining about the quality of the soap they already make).

That’s when Daily Wire CEO, Jeremy Boreing hilariously stepped into the conversation replying, “Many people are unaware of our expanding product line at Jeremy’s Razors. Our soap is exceptional. Our shampoo and conditioner are sublime. Body wash, moisturizer, cleanser, beard oil … We’re building alternatives.”

The actor who was criticized commented on the criticism himself.

This is what’s wrong with society. Everyone all the sudden wants to be representative regardless of skill. If movies didn’t cast people to appropriate others, we wouldn’t have movies that tell fantasy stories. For the people who want representation, what they’re asking for is reality TV. The industry is full of that  garbage. So if fat people want to be represented, why not start their own reality series? Maybe is it  because people don’t want to watch a reality tv movie?

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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