VP Kamala Harris’s Husband Sees Hate Beyond the PTA

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Doug Emhoff’s comparison of educational discourse to that of the horrible events of the 1930’s has caused an uproar among entitled parents and other members of conservative circles, who have been quick to label his remarks as a scandalous product of his party’s  agenda.

Doug Emhoff, husband to Vice President Kamala Harris, recently stirred up controversy by invoking the horrible events of the 1930’s in reference to school board meetings. He made the alarming comparison during a discussion with former aide Symone Sanders about his trip to Eastern Europe.

Washington Examiner reports, the husband of Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff, drew parallels between divisions that have flared up at school board meetings and the events that led to the horrible events of the 1930’s.

The remarks were made by Emhoff, who has made combating antisemitism a priority, in a conversation with former vice president’s aide Symone Sanders.

In a tweet Nicki Neily stated “Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, likens the hate that led to the [horrible events of the 1930’s] to the frustrations of parents speaking out at school board meetings. The Biden Admin’s vitriol toward parental involvement in education knows no bounds.”

Parents and activists have pushed back against certain types of classroom education on race and other hot-button topics in recent years at school board meetings.

Republican lawmakers have scrutinized the Biden administration over a Justice Department memo requesting the FBI investigate alleged threats to school board members. The memo was featured prominently in the recent congressional hearing about the “weaponization” of the FBI.

According to whistleblowers, the FBI used “threat tags” to investigate parents who protested at school board meetings.

New snitch lines maintained by the Justice Department targeted parents.

In the FBI investigation, there was a mother who was deemed a threat for “owning guns” and belonging to a group called “Moms for Liberty.”

Doug Emhoff’s comparison of the divisions at school board meetings to the events that caused the horrible events of the 1930’s has been met with a mixture of shock and outrage. To some, these entitled political mobs are simply pushing their radical agenda but to veteran parents, this type of rhetoric is a scandal and an attack on their right to express freedom of speech. Emhoff’s remarks echo through communities across America where children become pawns in heated arguments and are exposed to these remarks instead of being able to focus on their education. It’s a damning situation and one that should come with repercussions for those willing to use this type of discourse.

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