Dems Step Aside: 2024 GOP’s Path to Congress Clears

Republicans hold a slim 222-213 majority in the House of Representatives, but they hope to expand their majority by 2024.
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This clears a path to further Republican control in Congress, which has come after bad Democrat leadership and failed policies from President Biden that have dampened economic stability, caused inflation, and placed us closer to WW3 than ever.

Western Journal reports, currently, Republicans hold a slim 222-213 majority in the House of Representatives, but they hope to expand their majority by 2024.

The decision by incumbent House Democrats in key swing districts not to seek re-election is improving Republicans’ chances.

Currently, five House Democrats have announced they will run for US Senate, and two of them are in highly competitive districts.

The representatives are Katie Porter of California and Elissa Slotkin of Michigan. It was only by 6 percentage points and 3 percentage points, respectively, that these incumbents won re-election.

Also, Reps. Ruben Gallego of Arizona, Adam Schiff, and Barbara Lee of California announced their plans to run for Senate, but their districts are solidly blue.

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced Monday it will seek to flip 37 seats in 2024, including Porter’s and Slotkin’s.

In a statement NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson said “Republicans are in the majority and on offense. We will grow our House majority by building strong campaigns around talented recruits in these districts who can communicate the dangers of Democrats’ extreme agenda,”

According to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, 29 of its members are in highly competitive seats in 2024.

Democrats’ competitive districts, including Mary Peltola’s in Alaska, Dan Kildee’s in Michigan, Matt Cartwright’s in Pennsylvania, and Abigail Spanberger’s in Virginia, corresponded to GOP projected flips.

DCCC Chair Suzan DelBene said “House Democrats are well positioned to take back the House in 2024, thanks in large part to our tremendous slate of Democrat incumbents who tirelessly advocate for their communities and continue to put People over Politics,”.

With the economy in tatters and banks failing it is not hard to see how the Democrats national agenda will fail.

Fox news reports. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., has joined 18 GOP governors in rejecting President Joe Biden’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) “agenda,” claiming it threatens retirees’ economic freedom.

The group of Governors said in a letter “”Yet again, President Biden put his political agenda above the wellbeing and individual freedoms of hardworking Americans, we as freedom loving states can work together and leverage our state pension funds to force change in how major asset managers invest the money of hardworking Americans, ensuring corporations are focused on maximizing shareholder value, rather than the proliferation of ideology.”

Investors use ESG to determine which stocks or bonds to buy. A disapproval resolution was passed by the Senate in early March to end a Department of Labor rule encouraging investors to consider ESG when making investment decisions. The resolution was supported by Democratic senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana.

Republicans are seizing the opportunity in 2024 to increase their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives as incumbent Democratic candidates have decided to bow out of the running for re-election. The bad leadership and failed policies of President Biden have made it increasingly difficult for Democrats to maintain control, from the rampant inflation and economic downturn, to his lack of a comprehensive plan on immigration reform at the southern border and elevated tensions with nations like Russia, China and North Korea that could potentially trigger WW3. Given all this bad news, Republicans are looking ahead and ready to capitalize on any missteps by Democrats in order to build a stronger House majority in 2024.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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