Rep Insults Intelligence Of Parents Seeking School Choice

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Excessive government interference in the educational system is becoming a serious problem across the United States today. From school boards to state representatives, it appears that leaders have forgotten who owns the rights to children – their parents! Georgia recently saw a flagrant example of a legislator grossly overstep when addressing the topic of school choice. 

Georgia state politics were stirred up on Monday when a Democratic member of the House of Representatives crossed the line insulting parents’ intelligence when speaking about school choice in her district.

Daily Caller reports, at a hearing on school choice, Georgia House Representative Lydia Glaize said that some parents advocating for school choice couldn’t be trusted to make educational decisions for their children since they hadn’t finished high school themselves.

No, you heard that right.

WATCH it come from the horses’ mouth.

Oh! it only gets better from here. Later, Glaize admitted that her children attended private schools, but suggested that parents pay tuition themselves and opposed vouchers to make private schools more accessible to lower-income Georgians.

WATCH her utter such nonsense.

Glaze’s comments made their way around social media, drawing a lot of negative feedback.

One Twitter user posted,“Rep. Lydia Glaize is an oligarch who does not believe in the democratic process of allowing black and latin parents to directly receive state money appropriated for the education of their own children.”

Another user tweeted, “Glaize wants to keep children trapped in failing government schools.”

The reason  people like the state representative get away with saying things like this is because parents are too busy trying to feed their families and raising their children while the public school fails them. At least conservative parents but she needs to be held accountable by her constituents for her blatant disrespect. If she’s not, she will continue as though she’s done nothing wrong.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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