New Law for California Truckers: Go Electric or Go Home

Fuel-powered lawn mowers are now banned, but the big headline is the new law demanding truckers switch to electric or else be forced off California roads.
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Fuel-powered lawn mowers are now banned, but the big headline is the new law demanding truckers switch to electric or else be forced off California roads.

Twitchy reports, Considering we recently went through a supply chain crisis during Pete Buttigieg’s paternity leave, you’d think there’d be a new appreciation for the trucking industry, which powered through the virus crisis. To save the glaciers, let’s ban diesel trucks and force truckers to drive electric vehicles instead.

It appears that Gavin Newsom is ready to run against Joe Biden in 2024, when his law banning gas-powered lawnmowers will become law.

In a tweet Gavin Newsom stated “ Heavy-duty trucks account for nearly a third of harmful air pollutants. We need bold action. CA will once again lead the way –phasing out the use of diesel-powered trucks. Trucks shouldn’t give our kids asthma. Make wildfires worse.Or melt glaciers.”

California has been on a rampage against anything that consumes gas, or fossil fuels.

Cal matters reports, recently, California’s environmental regulators have been on a tear. Beginning in 2035, the California Air Resources Board will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars in the state.

There is no shortage of aggressive climate policies in California. Today, Newsom signed a package of bills that a press release referred to as “some of the nation’s most aggressive climate measures in history.”

There was no less than a “clean energy-powered” signing ceremony in Solano County.

In the final weeks of the legislative session this year, Newsom pitched four climate and energy bills to the Legislature.

AB 1279 will put into state law the existing policy goal of reaching statewide “carbon neutrality” by 2045.

SB 1020 will set benchmarks that the state electric grid has to hit before sourcing all of its power from renewable sources by 2045.

SB 905 will require the Air Resources Board to come up with regulations for projects that capture, reuse and store carbon emissions.

SB 1137 will ban the drilling of any new oil and gas wells within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, nursing homes and hospitals, effectively banning the activity from most developed areas in the state

California has become the latest battleground for what some are calling a war on oil, as Governor Newsom attempts to implement costly and unpopular government policies in an effort to further the leftist agenda. The plan involves banning diesel trucks from the highway and requiring truckers to switch to electric engine vehicles or face penalties; a move that threatens numerous jobs and could further destabilize an already weak economy. This culture war between Newsom and Big oil has reached its peak with the institution of laws that have outlawed fuel-powered mowers in favor of their expensive electric counterparts. What was intended as an environmental initiative has led to inflation, with freight costs estimated to skyrocket resulting in bad governance that can only hurt the taxpaying citizens at large.

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