DeSantis Gets Another Chance to Stamp FL Supreme Court

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Just when it seemed like Florida’s liberal populace had had enough of Governor Ron DeSantis, is given a second wind – because of a state Supreme Court Justice. With measures in place to keep Florida top state in the nation, the Sunshine State is on a winning streak that only DeSantis could have put into motion.

Justice Ricky Polston’s decision to step down from the Florida Supreme Court was one that was certainly a shock to many. This momentous opportunity for Governor DeSantis to appoint another strong conservative justice to the court means that even more impactful decisions will be made by the bench. Democrats in Florida must be packing up to leave the free state of California.

Florida Politics reports, with effect from March 31, Florida Supreme Court Justice Ricky Polston will step down.

Governor Ron DeSantis received a resignation letter from a conservative jurist who has served on the state’s high court for 14 years.

Justice Polston wrote, “It has been my great honor to serve the people of Florida in the judiciary for over 22 years, the first 8 years as judge of the First District Court of Appeal and then 14 years as justice of the Court. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such great jurists, lawyers, and all those involved with the judiciary.”

There was no explanation given by Polston for his resignation Monday. Polston had at least eight years left on the bench before he was required to retire at 75, as required under the state constitution.

Former Governor Charlie Crist appointed Polston to the Florida Supreme Court in 2008. Crist, a Republican at the time, appointed two conservative justices, Polston and Canady, and two liberal justices, Labarga and Perry. In the wake of Polston’s retirement, only Canady and Labarga will remain on the bench.

In 2019, Polston and Canady regularly posted dissents to the liberal majority of the bench with a 5-2 majority. DeSantis took office along with three liberal justices who had been forced into retirement, and that quickly turned into a 6-1 majority for conservatives. In the coming months, DeSantis will have the opportunity to replace Polston.

Once DeSantis convenes the Judicial Nominating Commission, it will review applicants and select three to six names for DeSantis to consider.

Desantis would have appointed all the conservative justices with the exception of one. That has got to be some sort of record for the state of Florida to have changed so quickly in the span of 4 years. Will this finally trigger democrats in Florida to leave the state or will they remain there knowing DeSantis will only make the state redder each term he wins. Hopefully this will prompt another ad from Gavin Newsom inviting democrat Floridians to move to California.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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