Las Vegas Police Outsmart Shoplifter Who Thought She Was Untouchable

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Criminals who think they can get away with anything are quickly finding out, usually with a harsh dose of reality, that there are still consequences for their actions. Even when seemingly successful criminals seem to be going unpunished, justice has not yet been fully abandoned in this country. We saw this in Nevada months ago when a criminal antics left her infamous on the internet.

Fox News reports, police arrested a Las Vegas shoplifter seen on video boasting she wouldn’t be caught and laughing as she brazenly snatched items from store shelves.

During a robbery on South Las Vegas Boulevard in January, the video shows.”They’ll never catch me.”

As she walked away, the woman could also be heard laughing.

After the video was posted online by the department, police identified Nicole Waters, 51, as the suspect.

Wednesday, Las Vegas police announced Waters had been arrested near the Las Vegas Strip on March 16.

The Las Vegas police took a moment to laugh about it on Facebook with a based caption that read: CAUGHT! Remember the “They’ll never catch me!” video posted by LVMPD Commercial Robbery earlier this month? The suspect was observed taking several items from a store on the Las Vegas Strip.After this cell phone video was released, several people provided details which developed Nicole Waters, 51, as the suspect. Waters was located on March 16 near Wyoming Ave. and Industrial Road in Las Vegas. She was arrested for robbery and taken to the Clark County Detention Center. As a reminder: don’t steal things.

According to KVVU-TV, Waters was released on bail and has a court date on March 27.

Isn’t it just beautiful to watch justice at work? The lady would have gotten away with it in the state of california because the items she stole wouldn’t have amounted to $900+. States need to stop rewarding citizens like her with stupid rules like California has imposed, good to see the arrogant criminal was caught. Hopefully she’ll learn her lesson but it’s doubtful.  

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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