John Fetterman Makes Major Announcement after Long Hospital Stay for Clinical Depression

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Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman made headlines when he announced his leave of absence for clinical depression treatment back in February. Now, after a long hospital stay, he has revealed his plans to return to the Senate in mid-April. Although his personal struggle has earned him sympathy and support from some, others remain skeptical about the fitness of a lawmaker with mental health issues. 

After undergoing mental health treatment, Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., will return to the Senate the week of April 17. He has not yet been released from the hospital, however.

On Feb. 15, the senator checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with clinical depression.

Fetterman suffered from an auditory processing disorder after a near-fatal stroke on the campaign trail in 2022. When working, the newly-elected senator had difficulty processing spoken words quickly and needed to use transcribing devices.

One in three stroke patients experience post-stroke depression, according to doctors. According to Fetterman’s office, he has also experienced depression “on and off” over the years.

Despite Democrats’ welcome for Fetterman’s return to the upper chamber, his health struggles could raise concerns about his ability to handle his workload. Following his stroke, Fetterman’s latest hospital stay raised questions about his recovery. In the past, Fetterman, his wife, and his aides have downplayed concerns about his health.

When asked if she ever wanted her husband to quit his Senate campaign, Fetterman’s wife Gisele cited a doctor’s assessment.

Senator Fetterman’s struggle with clinical depression has been met with both support and criticism, with some arguing that he should step down from his position, as, so far, he has not been able to do what he was elected for. Only time will tell if Fetterman is able to fulfill his duties effectively while dealing with his mental health issues, but his return to the Senate is sure to be closely watched by many in the coming weeks.

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