Illegal Aliens Get Free Ride from Massachusetts Taxpayers!

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Americans aren’t against immigration by any stretch of the imagination. Like democratic media would like to paint some of us. Why would we when everyone here, thanks to our ancestor at one point in time immigrated here. What we are against are people who do it illegally, so when illegals take advantage of generosity it’s only fitting we demand change. Well, the state of Massachusetts is in need of severe reform when it comes to tax dollars being spent on illegals.

There is this great controversy that illegals should have the right to drive on our streets when they’ve already broken into our country. News broke that the state of Massachusetts just spent millions of tax dollars on illegal immigrants’ driver licenses. That is not okay.

Breitbart reports, according to Governor Maura Healey (D), Massachusetts taxpayers will be on the hook for $28 million if thousands of illegal aliens apply for driver’s licenses.

With the passage of a new law last year, Massachusetts joined a swath of other states in granting driver’s licenses to potentially 85,000 illegal immigrants.

This is what local Massachusetts news told us about the law that was upheld.

It was previously estimated that the new law would cost taxpayers less than $10 million to implement, but Healey’s office now estimates the cost will be closer to $30 million.

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Baker (R) vetoed the law, but Democratic-controlled legislators overruled his veto.

Driver’s licenses for illegal aliens are vital for the open borders lobby because many times when illegal aliens are pulled over by local police, they are charged with driving without a license, thereby ending up in Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s custody for arrest and deportation.

In Fiscal Year 2022, states convicted more than 17,500 illegal aliens drunk driving after they were arrested by ICE agents. A total of nearly 11,500 traffic offense convictions against illegal aliens who were turned over to ICE were settled.

Massachusetts is home to nearly 300,000 illegal aliens today.

Now that Massachusetts has a democrat governor to go along with its democrat legislator, illegals are going to get prime treatment in the state. It’s not like the people did not have the choice to vote this away, they voted for it surely knowing what they were doing. RIP what used to be the great state of massachusetts. Starting in June more illegals are going to be driving and hope they people will wake up to what they’ve done to themselves. 

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Next News Network Team

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