Chris Christie Suggests He’ll Run to Torpedo Trump in Primary

In a discussion with a New Hampshire crowd, Christie said that Trump's "end will not be a calm and quiet conclusion."
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Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, recently suggested he may run for president in 2024 to challenge Donald Trump.

In a discussion with a New Hampshire crowd, Christie said that Trump’s “end will not be a calm and quiet conclusion.”

Daily Wire reports, Christie has long been a critic of the president. During the 2016 Republican primary, Christie was one of the first major candidates to drop out of the race and endorse Trump. However, since then he has become increasingly critical of the president’s policies and behavior.

In his recent interview, Christie said that he would consider running against Trump if it became necessary. He argued that it was important for Republicans to have a choice in 2024 and that he would be willing to step up if no other viable candidate emerged.

Christie also criticized Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He said that the president had failed to take responsibility for his mistakes and had not done enough to protect Americans from the virus. He also accused Trump of being too focused on re-election instead of helping people who were suffering due to the pandemic.

The former governor also blasted Trump for his rhetoric about immigrants and minorities, saying it was “un-American” and “not what our country stands for.” He argued that such language only served to divide Americans instead of bringing them together.

Christie’s comments come at a time when many Republicans are questioning whether they should support Trump in 2024 or look elsewhere for another candidate. While some conservatives still support him, others are beginning to question whether they can continue backing him after four years of divisive rhetoric and policy decisions.

The former president and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis currently sit at the top of the polls for the 2024 Republican nomination, even though the latter has not announced a campaign yet.

It remains unclear whether Christie will actually run against Trump in 2024 or if his comments were simply meant as a warning shot across the bow. But either way, it is clear that there is growing discontent among some conservatives with how President Trump has conducted himself during his time in office.

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