Red Paint and Snow: Woman Caught Vandalizing Pro-Life Sign

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In a shocking, yet all-too-familiar twist of events, a 39 year old woman with a hoodie and spraypaint was arrested in Buffalo, New York for vandalizing yet another Pro-Life organization.

This is part of a rampant trend of violence inflicted against those who stand firm in their Pro-Life convictions, and Biden’s failed leadership only reinforces this’s hate.

Breitbart reports, a woman was arrested on Saturday for allegedly vandalizing a pro-life sign that was firebombed last year.

Hannah Kamke, 39, is accused of spray-painting “LIARS” in red on a sign belonging to CompassCare, a Buffalo pregnancy center, on March 16. Immediately after the incident, the organization released footage and pictures showing the suspect trudging through the snow in a hoodie to spray paint the sign. 

Previously the location was attacked by an anti-life arsonist.

According to CompassCare’s private investigators, the recent vandalism was caused by anti-abortion Maoist Antifa firebombs.

Based on the anti-capitalist rhetoric, the alleged perpetrator spray-painted the word ‘LIARS’ on CompassCare’s sign to force women to have their babies, making them a permanent socio-economic underclass.

Rev. Harden said he is “prayerfully” considering pressing civil charges on FACE Act violations against Kamake. 

The attacks on pro life centers are just getting more prevalent.

Townhall reports, earlier this week, federal agents arrested a suspect who they believe firebombed a Wisconsin pro-life lobbying group’s office after the Dobbs leak. 

Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury, 29, has been charged with one count of attempting to cause damage with fire or explosives by the US attorney’s office in Madison. 

A DNA sample found from food he disposed of led to his arrest at Boston Logan International Airport

In a tweet from Life news stating “This is Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury. He was just arrested and charged with firebombing a pro-life group in Wisconsin. He also vandalized the Wisconsin state capitol building. Everyone involved in pro-abortion violence should be held accountable.”

Someone threw Molotov cocktails into the office of a pro-life organization in Salem, Oregon, after the Wisconsin Family Action Office was attacked last year. Two Catholic churches were vandalized in Colorado at the same time.

Police assigned to protect the state Capitol in Wisconsin reviewed surveillance footage from a protest against police brutality in January. Graffiti spray-painted on the Capitol grounds resembled the graffiti at the pro-life office. The car seen in the video was tracked to Roychowdhury’s Madison home. He was then followed by law enforcement.

Roychowdhury threw away a bag of fast food at a Wisconsin park-and-ride on March 1. Upon retrieving the trash, police found that the food in the bag matched the DNA taken from the pro-life office attack.

The recent attack on an innocent pro-life organization in Buffalo and Madison is shameful and unacceptable. It is a direct result of Joe Biden’s failed leadership and utter lack of interest in protecting pro-life beliefs. These latest acts of vandalism is just the latest in a string of hate crimes against pro-lifers, yet the feds continue to ignore the seriousness of this trend. These are people who are merely trying to express their beliefs and make themselves known peacefully–yet they continue to face threats and violent behavior. To think that something like this would happen in 2023 is incredibly sad, and we must all work together as citizens to stop this hate towards those with whom we disagree politically.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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