Sen. Mullin Exposes Bernie’s and Democratic Party Shameless Hypocrisy

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If you’re looking for a moment of marvel and amazement, then look no further – today is the day. The Republican Senate had finally had enough. After witnessing the hypocrisy of various Democratic politicians who are worth millions speaking out against the wealthy, one Senator Sanders was finally called out publicly.

Trending politics reports, at a congressional hearing, Republican Markwayne Mullin blasted Senator Bernie Sanders for his hypocrisy on wealth and wages. The Senator questioned Sanders about how he was able to ridicule CEOs and billionaires while also himself being wealthy.

As Mullin put it, “You and your wife have immense wealth, over $8 million…Why is it that Mr. Schultz, who actually creates jobs — and the bestseller of a book isn’t creating any jobs — why is it that he’s corrupt, and you’re not?”

In his reference to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, Mullin referred to Bernie Sanders, who condescendingly criticized Howard Schultz on Wednesday.

That was simply the senator’s introduction. It only gets better from here. He then hammered his point.

Mullin accused Sanders of bias and suggested that his socialist approach was not in the interest of American workers and thrivers.

Afterwards, Sanders interrupted the Starbucks CEO to defend himself.

Wasn’t that just beautiful to see! I’m talking about the Mullin part. Unfortunately as much as we hate defending Sanders on one specific issue, the only mistake senator Mullin made was addressing senator Sanders’ direct net worth. The Vermont senator surprisingly has one of the lowest net worths for a long-term sitting senator. In the spirit of accurate news, the senator is only worth a modest $3 million. For the decades the senator has been in politics, that is shockingly low. Everything else about the democrats hypocrisy on the wealthy is accurate. It was still nice to watch the hypocrisy being called out.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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