Trump Indictment Backfires INSTANTLY, Paving the Way for his 2024 Victory 

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The constant barrage of attacks against President Donald Trump isn’t doing the Democrats any favors. In fact, their push to successfully indict him has backfired tremendously, paving the way for his 2024 victory. It seems as though the harder they try to take him down, the stronger he becomes. Following news of his indictment, Trump saw a surge of grassroots contributions, raising millions in just 24 hours. So while the Democrats may think they’re winning, in reality, they’re only making Trump stronger.

After Trump’s historic indictment rocked the nation, his campaign for 2024 got a boost.

Trump was indicted Thursday over his alleged hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election cycle. His arraignment in Manhattan is scheduled for Tuesday, when he faces more than 30 charges. 

Despite becoming the first ex-president to be charged with a crime, Trump’s political machine keeps turning, even after he is expected to turn himself over to authorities for fingerprints and mugshots.

Trump’s team announced on Friday that he received more than $4 million in contributions in the 24 hours following his indictment.

The press release states: “This incredible surge of grassroots contributions confirms that the American people see the indictment of President Trump as a disgraceful weaponization of our justice system by a Soros-funded prosecutor.”

Approximately $1 million of the $4 million in contributions came from first-time donors, according to the Trump campaign. 

The press release went on to note the average contributor donated $34, suggesting this meant “Trump’s 2024 campaign is funded by an unmatched coalition of hardworking patriots who are fed up with special interest donors like Soros spending billions of dollars to influence our elections.”

The press release added: “Americans from across all 50 states donated to President Trump’s campaign within the first 5 hours of the sham indictment.”

Meanwhile, late on Sunday night, Trump confirmed on Truth Socia he will be “ leaving Mar-a-Lago on Monday at 12 noon, heading to Trump Tower in New York.”

He added: “On Tuesday morning I will be going to, believe it or not, the Courthouse. America was not supposed to be this way!”

In the face of continued attacks from his opponents and haters, Trump has proven time and time again that he’s a fighter. Rather than crumbling under the pressure, he’s only grown stronger. The latest attempt to bring him down has been no different. In fact, it seems to have had the opposite effect. In just 24 hours, Trump raised millions in grassroots contributions, showing that his base is as strong as ever. It’s clear that the Democrats greatly underestimate the resolve and support of Trump and his supporters. As they continue to attack him, they only strengthen his resolve and his chances for success in 2024.

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