Biden’s Allies Claim He’s Not Ready to Announce 2024 Run Yet

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Americans are all asking the same question: why has President Biden opted to wait until fall to announce whether or not he will run for reelection in 2024?

With his chaotic border policies and failed economic promises, it’s hard not to think that maybe – just maybe – Biden wants to delay his announcement until the public forgets about the inflation, economy crash, and complete lack of leadership we have seen from him since he took office.

Breitbart reports, in April of 2023, reports began to surface that Biden could be holding off on announcing his candidacy until the fall. This raised eyebrows among political pundits and commentators alike, who questioned why he would wait so long to make such an important announcement.

However Biden has always affirmed that he would want to run for re-election.

At the same time, Biden’s approval ratings have been steadily declining. According to a recent poll from Axios/Ipsos, only 44% of Americans approve of his performance as president. This is down from a high of 58% in March 2021.

The reason for this decline in popularity is largely due to Biden’s inability to deliver on some of his key campaign promises. For Democrats he has failed to pass any meaningful gun control legislation or address climate change in any meaningful way. His attempts at immigration reform have also been met with criticism from both sides of the aisle.

For the rest of us Americans, it is the divisive language he uses, like calling over 70 million Americans threats against democracy.

Or Biden’s failure with the economy, skyrocketing inflation, rising food prices, over 300% increase in gasoline prices, and many many many bad decisions as president.

On top of this, Biden has also faced criticism for his handling of foreign policy issues such as Iran and North Korea. His administration has been accused of being too soft on these countries and not taking a hard enough stance against their human rights abuses and nuclear programs.

Biden’s economic policies have also come under fire from both sides of the aisle. His proposed tax increases have been met with opposition from Republicans, while Democrats have criticized him for not doing enough to help working-class Americans struggling during the pandemic-induced recession.

The report concluded that neither Biden nor his inner circle see any disadvantages in waiting to announce he is running for another term, but identified some potential upsides.

The upside is that he can contrast his leadership in the Oval Office with the chaos in the Republican Party and the drama surrounding former President Trump’s indictment.

The timing of the campaign will not be affected by any Republican candidates or potential candidates, a Biden adviser told Axios.

As early as this summer, Biden will have to deal with the debt-ceiling and budget standoff with House Republicans.

It appears Joe Biden has made the conclusion to hold off on his 2024 Presidential Campaign announcement for a few more months, much to the surprise of the nation. Despite claims from Biden’s allies that he’s not yet ready and an official statement from his team hinting at a late announcement, many around the country feel this is more than just an administrative decision – it could signal something far more serious. With millions of jobs lost since Joe Biden took office and a surge in border chaos and failed policies, citizens are beginning to wonder if these shocking delays are providing time for him to create countermeasures for his likely failure in 2024. Is he hiding behind lies? Regardless of what answer comes soon, the citizens have had enough – it’s time he takes responsibility for all the economic damage he has caused and be honest with us about his plans or lack thereof.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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