BOOM! Former FBI Deputy Director ADMITS: There’s NO Evidence Against Trump!

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The Dems had high hopes that the indictment of former President Donald Trump would be a major blow to his legacy, but those hopes were quickly dashed when it was revealed that the evidence simply wasn’t there. The indictment was called “underwhelming” and a “major disappointment” by many Dems, including CNN analyst and former.

Are you shocked by this latest news about Trump’s indictment? Well so are the pundits at CNN because they have just admitted it’s a major disappointment!

Donald Trump held a press conference at Mar-a-Lago following the arrest and pointed out that there was no crime and the case should have never been brought.

The indictment of former President Donald Trump has been seen as a major disappointment for those who had hoped it would be a major blow to his legacy. Despite what some may have expected, the evidence simply wasn’t there to make any kind of case against him.

CNN’s atmosphere seemed somewhat deflated after Trump’s arrest. Tapper wore a stoic expression, likely due to his hope that the federal agents would conduct a perp-walk with the former president in shackles and an orange jumpsuit. Currently, this is a popular fantasy among those on the left. One analyst described the event as ‘underwhelming’ because it was far less dramatic than expected. It had largely been viewed as political theater on the part of certain government groups.

CNN analyst and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was one of many who expressed their disappointment with the results of the investigation. During the segment onCNN, he said the justification for trying these misdemeanors as felonies “simply isn’t there” and “it’s hard to imagine convincing a jury that they should.”

Many prominent figures, including warmonger John Bolton, expressed shock at the flimsy case and believe charges will be dropped.

The reaction from those in Trump’s orbit has been much different than those on the other side. Many have seen this as yet another example of what they see as an overreach by Democrats in office. They point out that despite all their efforts, no real evidence has been found linking Trump directly with any criminal activity during his time in office.

During Alvin Bragg’s press conference following Trump’s arrest he attempted to justify the indictment but refused to point to laws he claims Trump broke to justify the actual indictment.

At the press conference following Donald Trump’s arrest, Alvin Bragg strongly implied that Trump had broken some laws, but refused to cite any evidence or legal precedent which suggested these violations.

Despite his unwillingness to elaborate, Bragg was adamant that justice had been served and that the indictment was justified in line with the evidence and investigative efforts of his team.

Once again, the Democrats have experienced defeat in their attempts to take down Donald Trump and his 2024 ambitions. This time, their indictment against him has been called a major letdown, much to the dismay of those on the left who had hoped this would be a fatal blow to his legacy. Unfortunately for them, there simply isn’t enough damning evidence available to successfully make any kind of strong case against him. Now, it remains to be seen if future investigations will reveal more that could change things or if the bitter salt of defeat will flow from Dem’s eyes yet again as Trump emerges victorious with yet another close call.

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