IT’S HAPPENING: Video Surfaces, Reveals BIDEN’S SHOCKING PLAN to Stop Trump From Taking Power Again!

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An unprecedented move the Biden administration has sent shockwaves through Washington: President Biden has all but admitted that his team is colluding to stop Donald Trump from running for office again. By coordinating with the corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, and an aggressive investigation into the former president, leading to criminal charges, If this mission is successful and the charges stick, then the door may be firmly closed on any future political ambitions for Trump – a worrying sign for Republican supporters.

It’s no secret that the Biden administration has been doing everything in its power to stop former President Donald Trump from taking power again. From the moment he took office, Joe Biden has been working hard to make sure that Trump never returns to the White House. Now, it appears that he has all but admitted his team is coordinating to stop Trump from taking power again.

Joe Biden’s video statement quickly went viral after President Trump was indicted. In the video, which dates back to November following the midterms, Biden is asked whether Trump should run again in 2024 and responds: “We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power [and] does not become the next President again.”

Though some responded with outrage and accused Biden of wishing ill on a former president, others saw a brave utterance of an uncomfortable truth. Certainly, President Trump has felt threatened by it – after all, within moments of its surfacing online again, he “Re-Truthed” it.

The statement was met with shock and outrage by many of President Trump’s supporters. They argued that it was an admission of guilt and proof that the Biden administration is actively trying to prevent President Trump from returning to office. Some went as far as calling it a “blatant admission of guilt” and accused the Biden administration of “trying to rig the election”.

Judge Jeanine Pirro has had extensive experience on both sides of the courtroom and is uniquely positioned to weigh in on the bombshell news of the Trump indictment. She appeared on “The Five” on FOX News and brutally assessed the so-called witch hunt as “garbage”.

Despite some people’s opinions or political leanings, none could deny this latest episode between court and politics continues to offer further insight into one of the most shocking political developments of our time. Whether you personally agree with her take or not, it cannot be denied that Judge Jeanine Pirro used her knowledge and expertise in the legal field to underscore the magnitude of what went down.

However, it’s clear that the Biden administration is doing whatever it takes to ensure that Donald Trump does not return to office in 2024. The question now is how far will they go? Will they use their influence and power within government agencies and institutions to try and stop him? Or will they resort to more extreme measures such as actual prison time?

Joe Biden’s comments have ignited an ongoing debate of speculation and questions around Donald Trump’s potential return to office. Amidst the globalist’s latest ploy, Trump has pleaded not-guilty to all charges, and is taking a stand against their final plot to stop him from reclaiming the office. This calls into question just how difficult it would be for him to regain his power come 2024, whether or not Joe Biden will succeed in his mission, and what other forces may be present causing interference. As we move towards the future, one thing is certain: the outcome of this battle between the globalists and Trump is yet to be seen.

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Next News Network Team

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