Chicagoans’ Worst Fears Confirmed: Radical Mayor to Take City in Dangerous New Direction

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Chicagoans rejoiced when former Mayor Lightfoot was voted out. But the new mayor promises to be worse, embracing radical policies and disregarding critical reforms. Read on for more.

Chicagoans who were hopeful for change after voting out former Mayor Lightfoot now find themselves facing an even worse fate with the election of Brandon Johnson. Johnson’s radical policies and disregard for critical reforms threaten to undermine the city’s safety, educational outcomes, and economic stability. It is clear that the future of the city under Johnson’s leadership is bleak, and Chicagoans are facing a period of decline in many areas of their lives.

Chicago is known for its high crime rate, and its residents have been yearning for a mayor who will tackle this issue head-on. Unfortunately, Johnson is not that mayor. His ties to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Judge Tim Evans, both of whom have been soft on crime, raise serious doubts about his commitment to public safety. Moreover, Johnson’s support for defunding the police and his disregard for the effects of looting and rioting on the city illustrate his detachment from reality.

As Jason Rantz put it on Twitter: “If you support defunding the police and going easy on crime, this is a good night for you. In other words, Democrats are happy.”

Education is another key issue for the city, with dismal outcomes for black students in particular. Johnson’s staunch support for the Chicago Teachers Union and his belief in eliminating standards and homework undermines the merit and excellence-based education that the city desperately needs. Johnson’s focus on “equity” at the expense of academic achievement threatens to perpetuate the cycle of failure that plagues many public schools in the city.

The city’s economy is also at risk under Johnson’s leadership. His plan to target businesses and the wealthy for more taxes will only drive away investors and companies that are essential to the city’s financial health. The departure of companies like Boeing and Ken Griffin and Citadel, already a sign of the city’s declining economic fortunes, may soon be followed by more companies leaving the city’s high tax environment. The resulting loss in revenue will further burden the city and have long-term effects on its economic growth.

On Twitter, Jon Gabriel summed up the situation perfectly, saying: “Brandon Johnson will be a good mayor for Chicagoans who thought Lori Lightfoot was way too conservative.”

Chicagoans had high hopes for change when they voted out Mayor Lightfoot, but the election of Brandon Johnson has dashed those hopes. Johnson’s self-proclaimed allegiance to equity at the expense of merit and reason threatens to further divide the city and stagnate its social and economic progress. Chicago needs a reformer who can unite its residents, tackle crime, improve education, and revitalize its economy. Unfortunately, the city will have to wait a little longer for that to happen, as Johnson takes the city down an untested and dangerous new path.

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