MTG Fires Back after NYC Mayor Adams Attempts to Publicly Intimidate Her

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the great Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, has never been one to back down from a fight.
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Marjorie Taylor Greene, the great Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, has never been one to back down from a fight. So, it comes as no surprise that she fired back at New York City Mayor Eric Adams after he attempted to publicly intimidate her this week. Despite the Mayor’s efforts, Greene has remained steadfast in her beliefs and has shown again that she is ready to defend them at all costs.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) accused New York City Mayor Eric Adams of trying to intimidate her after he warned her to “be on your best behavior” while protesting Trump’s indictment.

Tuesday morning, Greene and the New York Young Republican Club organized a rally for the former president at Collect Pond Park, just steps from the Manhattan courthouse where Trump was arraigned by Judge Juan Merchan.

On Monday, Mayor Adams warned potential protesters thinking about demonstrating against Trump’s arraignment to “control yourselves” and specifically called out MTG by name.

In a scathing response, MTG tweeted: “Delusional @NYCMayor is trying to intimidate, threaten, and stop me from using my 1st amendment rights to peacefully protest the Democrat’s unconstitutional weaponization of our justice system against our top Republican Presidential candidate, President Trump. Mayor Adams should be more concerned about NY citizens and taxpayers being murdered, raped, robbed, and carjacked than an elected Member of Congress coming to town. Or should I be the one concerned that the mayor of NYC will weaponize his government or maybe his thugs like DA Alvin Bragg against me?”

In another tweet, MTG ripped Adams over his “Pro drug policy” and accused him of helping “drug addicts kill themselves.”

She said: “In Mayor Eric Adams City of New York, an average of 8 people overdose on drugs every single day because of his PRO drug policy. He wants more drug use centers stocked with syringes, straws for snorting, and other drug paraphernalia to help NY’s poor drug addicts kill themselves. Drug overdoses account for 80 to 85% of accidental deaths in New York City. That’s a fatal overdose every 3 hours! And now Mayor Adams is threatening me. Unbelievable.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bold response to Mayor Eric Adams demonstrates her unwavering commitment to conservative principles. Despite being attacked and maligned by the Democrats, Greene refuses to be intimidated or silenced in her efforts to defend the rights of everyday Americans. She continues to champion causes such as limited government, individual freedom, and the sanctity of life – and one thing is for sure: Marjorie Taylor Greene is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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