Hollywood Elite Exposed: Will Smith Wants to Cleanse America of Trump Supporters

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A-list celebrity Will Smith has crossed a line in his latest political comments. In a shocking revelation, Smith called for the monitoring, listing and, ultimately, the cleansing of Trump supporters in America. Read on to find out why this Hollywood elite has gone too far.

Political correctness is dying a slow and painful death in America, and Hollywood is one of the worst perpetrators of this cancerous culture. Case in point: Will Smith, the once-beloved movie star, singing sensation and all-round nice guy, has revealed his true colors as a radical leftist. Smith has gone on record proclaiming that Donald Trump supporters should be monitored, listed, and “cleansed” from American society. Yes, you read that right: Will Smith, a member of the Hollywood elite and supposed pillar of society, wants to cleanse America of half its citizens. In this article, we will examine Smith’s comments and the disturbing trend of left-wing lunacy that threatens to take over our society.

Will Smith has always been known for his infectious smile and lovable personality, but his recent comments on the “Pod Save America” podcast have shown a darker side to the Hollywood superstar. Speaking on the show, Smith stated that despite Donald Trump’s presidency being painful to hear, he believes it is good as it lets us know who people are. He went on to say: “and now we get to cleanse it out of our country.”

The term “cleansing” is an extremely loaded one, and Smith clearly knew what he meant when he uttered those words. It is not hard to imagine what he wants to do with Trump supporters, and it’s truly shocking that someone who has profited so greatly from the freedoms and opportunities of America would want to strip those same freedoms away from half the country. This is not the first instance of Smith’s political activism. In fact, he has teased the idea of running for office at some point in the future not ruling out he has ambitions in the arena.

Smith’s terrifying comments are the latest example of the radical left’s intolerance towards those who hold different views. They want to silence, humiliate and cancel anyone who dares to disagree with their ideology. The implications of this intolerance are manifold: it leads to division, anger and ultimately, violence. Just look at how the left has treated Trump supporters over the past four years. They have been vilified in the media, harassed in their daily lives and even physically attacked. And now it seems, Will Smith wants to take this to a new level by advocating for their removal and “cleansing” from American society.

It is important to note that Smith’s comments are not just those of a Hollywood actor. They are indicative of a much larger trend in our society: the demonization of conservatives, Republican voters, and Trump supporters. Whether it’s the mainstream media, politicians or celebrities, the left has made it clear that anyone who supports Trump is unwelcome in their vision of America. They have gone so far as to label half the country as racist, bigoted and deplorable. It is a truly shameful state of affairs, and one that should concern all Americans who believe in freedom, democracy, and the right to hold differing opinions.

Will Smith’s call to “cleanse” America of Trump supporters is not just shocking and disturbing; it is downright dangerous. It is a sign of how far the left has strayed from the values of tolerance, democracy and freedom of expression. They no longer seek to debate, engage or learn from those who disagree with them; they only seek to silence and destroy. Will Smith’s comments should be seen as a warning to all Americans that the left’s agenda is not just about defeating Trump, it’s about crushing anyone who stands in their way. In a time when our country is already so divided, this is the last thing we need. We need leaders who will unite us, not divide us. We need an end to the intolerance and hatred that is tearing our society apart. And most importantly, we need to resist the urge to follow the likes of Will Smith and his Hollywood cohorts, who seem to have forgotten what American values truly mean.

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