New Bill in Canada to Create “Anti-Free-Speech Zones” Near Risque Shows

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 The Ontario New Democratic Party has introduced a new legislation to create “anti-free speech zones” within 100 meters radius of certain risque shows in Ontario; all in an effort to show the world how “free” Canada is.

The bill is aimed at punishing anyone caught making remarks deemed “offensive” by activists while in the vicinity. This bill is a dangerous attack on freedom of speech and it represents a threat to democracy and individual liberties.

It is reported that the new legislation was demanded by Kristyn Wong-Tam, chair of the city of Toronto’s alphabet Community Advisory Committee, a radical politician who serves as a member of the official opposition in the conservative-run province of Ontario. 

Wong-Tam claims that there is a rise of hate and violence facing the alphabet communities, including risque artists, happening across Ontario and right across the nation. Alluding to American protests targeting risque shows and recent efforts by Canadians to follow suit, Wong-Tam claimed that “Drag artists, their audiences, the businesses and the facilities that host those drag performances have been put at risk.”

This bill is a bold move by the radical left to impose their worldview on the people of Canada. The creation of “anti-free speech zones” is a direct attack on the freedom of expression and is a violation of individual liberties. The bill seeks to clamp down on free speech by creating 100-meter bubble zones wherever it deems fit, wherein ” offensive threats, offensive remarks, protest, disturbance, and distribution of hate propaganda within the meaning of the criminal code.” The penalty for creating a disturbance or issuing what are perceived to be offensive remarks inside such a zone would be $25,000 CDN.

This bill represents a clear and present danger to the freedom of speech in Canada. The imposition of bubble zones for the alphabet community is a direct assault on the Canadian values of free speech and democracy. This bill seeks to limit the freedom of expression of individuals who do not subscribe to the radical political worldview, and it is a direct attack on the ability of Canadians to express their views freely.

The radical political movement is pushing their agenda on Canadians, and they are willing to go to extreme measures to silence any dissenting voices. This bill represents a danger to the very values that Canada was founded upon, and it is a threat to the stability and security of our democratic society. The imposition of “anti-free speech zones” in Canada is a step towards censorship and authoritarianism.

It is dangerously clear that the introduction of this bill represents a dangerous move towards the erosion of individual liberty in Canada. The imposition of “anti-free speech zones” creates a dangerous precedent that will be used to silence dissent and limit the freedom of expression of individuals who do not hold the same views as the radical left. Canadians must stand up for their rights and refuse to let the radical left impose their will on our society. Freedom of speech must be protected, and this bill must be opposed at every turn.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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