Michigan State Unveils University’s New Language Inclusive Guide

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Imagine being told to avoid using some of the most popular societal words  all in the name of being “inclusive”. The madness of political correctness continues to pile on and the University of Michigan is leading its charge

Have you ever wondered where the line is drawn when it comes to the so-called “inclusive language” that colleges and universities have been implementing? Recently, Michigan State University (MSU) has released its supplemental “inclusive” style guide for communication department staffers. The guide instructs them to avoid various terms deemed “offensive” by the university’s censors. 

In this year’s version of Michigan State University’s style guide, an “inclusive” style guide is included for the communications department, which includes terms to avoid, such as “female” and “America,” as well as terms relating to Christian holidays, such as “Christmas trees,” “bells,” and “bunnies.”.”

MSU’s inclusive style guide segregates words categorized under “Gender and Sexuality,” “Race and Ethnicity,” “Global Identity,” and “Disability,” in an effort to make communications more inclusive. However, what is alarming is that it recommends using terms that support radical gender theories. For instance, the university suggests avoiding the use of the word “female” because it “reduces women to their assumed biological anatomy.”

It seems that the guide is promoting a specific ideology rather than facilitating good communication. It is merely an attempt to accommodate certain segments of their audience whose beliefs and views fall outside the realm of logic and rationality. By doing so, this policy completely ignores the fact that some people’s gender identity is defined according to biology, which is a biological reality.

The university’s incoherent guidelines for communication extend beyond gender and sexuality. On religious matters, the inclusive style guide urges its staff to “use terms like ‘wishing you a wonderful winter/spring break’ or ‘best wishes for the new year.’” This suggestion made by the guide leaves no room for individual religious practices and beliefs, nor does it celebrate cultural diversity, undermining MSU’s own commitment to diversity and inclusion.

People in the area were asked about what they thought about these guidelines and here is what some people had to say.

A previous version of the style guide warned communications staff against using religious imagery and language, especially in winter and spring. The university lists a number of problematic words as: “merry,” “Christmas trees,” “wreaths,” “holly,” “bells,” “gifts,” “reindeer,” “bunnies,” “eggs” and “chicks.” Instead, MSU encourages staffers to use “best wishes for the new year” or “wishing you a wonderful winter/spring break.”

The university can take their recommendations and shove it where the sun does not shine and we mean that in the most polite way possible. If they want to start recommending how they speak, maybe they should consider starting with themselves. Noone asked them for their list of recommendations.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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