Biden’s Afghanistan Blunder: White House Tries to Blame Trump

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The recent Afghanistan withdrawal, which resulted in an embarrassing and deadly debacle that left the world reeling, has prompted furious conservative critics to call out Biden’s administration for its desperate attempts at blame-shifting and gaslighting.

As Biden ordered the American troops to withdraw immediately from Afghanistan, the world watched. It is clear that Biden left American citizens stranded, let our allies be captured, surrendered billions of dollars in military equipment to our enemies, and now he is trying to cover it up.

It is being reported that CBS’s White House correspondent, Ed O’Keefe, recently grilled retired Admiral John Kirby over the Biden administration’s decision to release an Afghanistan withdrawal report just before the Easter holiday. 

While Kirby tried to argue that the report’s release was merely coincidental, O’Keefe was skeptical and pointed out that reporters only received it 10 minutes before the briefing. O’Keefe also called the move “the very definition of a modern major holiday news dump.” The report itself was a complete whitewash, trying to shift all the blame onto Trump’s administration.

In response to the report, Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, accused the Biden administration of gaslighting the American people. “Biden’s complete erosion of American deterrence can be directly blamed for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, Kim’s decision to restart missile launches, and Xi’s pending decision to invade Taiwan,” he stated.

Conservative critics have seized on the Biden administration’s attempts to blame Trump for the Afghanistan debacle, pointing out that the current president is fully responsible for his own actions.

The Afghanistan withdrawal will go down in history as a major blunder that has left countless Americans killed and many others stranded. However, instead of taking responsibility and admitting fault, the Biden administration has chosen to point fingers at the Trump administration.

According to the report released by the Biden administration, former President Trump had left a mess in Afghanistan that President Biden had to clean up. However, critics have pointed out that Biden had ample time to prepare for the withdrawal and should have taken necessary measures to ensure a smoother process. Instead, the Biden administration has stubbornly refused to take responsibility for the disastrous withdrawal.

Moreover, the report contains no real admission of accountability from the Biden White House. Ed O’Keefe pressed Admiral John Kirby on this point, noting that there was no expression of accountability or mistake by either the president himself or others. Biden and his administration seem to be trying to gaslight the American people for their disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan.

The world has become a more dangerous place under Joe Biden, with Putin invading Ukraine, Kim restarting missile launches, and China threatening to invade Taiwan. Critics argue that Biden’s complete erosion of American deterrence is directly responsible for these nation-state threats. Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s attempts to shift all the blame onto the previous administration only serve to show their political cowardice.

The recent Afghanistan withdrawal has completely exposed the Biden administration’s incompetence and cowardice. Rather than taking responsibility for their own actions, they have decided to shift all the blame onto the Trump administration. However, conservative critics have called out Biden and his team for their desperate attempts at blame-shifting and gaslighting. The world has indeed become a more dangerous place under Joe Biden, and the Afghanistan debacle is just one of many disastrous consequences of his presidency.

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Next News Network Team

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