Shocking evidence surfaces – CT lawmaker involved in DUI crash fails to recall events

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There has been a shocking revelation that a Democratic lawmaker was involved in a drunken car accident in Connecticut. Newly released bodycam footage shows just how reckless her behavior and incident was. These people are supposed to be upstanding members of society.

A state representative from Connecticut, Robin Comey, was arrested in March after she drunkenly flipped her car along a busy stretch of road near the Connecticut State Capitol. Recently released bodycam footage shows Comey failing to identify her whereabouts prior to the accident and could not explain what happened. The compromising footage should be career ending.

It appears that a Connecticut lawmaker has no memory of a drunk driving accident that saw her hit two vehicles and flip her own just a few blocks from the state capitol building.

The shocking events surrounding the CT lawmaker have sent shockwaves through Connecticut’s political scene. Despite growing pressure, top Connecticut Democrats, such as Gov. Ned Lamont and House Speaker Matt Ritter stand by her.

As soon as she has completed alcohol treatment, Comey plans to return to her responsibilities as a legislator. The Democrat’s constituents, however, have called for him to step down.

According to Hartford’s CBS affiliate, one constituent spoke up saying, “For a representative to be getting a DUI like that and representing our state, I don’t think it’s right.”

another person said, “Do I think the person should resign? Yes. Just from the standpoint of you’re trying to set an example for younger people, whatever the case may be.”

This is not the first time Comey has been criticized for an alcohol-related incident. Comey was ridiculed by Jimmy Kimmel after slurring her words during a speech on the House floor two years ago.

Now she’s forcing us to torture our audience with a Jimmy Kemmel bit.

Sorry, if we had to watch it, so do you.

In March, Comey apologized publicly, promising to “begin treatment to better understand the disease of addiction.” She is scheduled to appear in court in early May.

Both incidents were absolutely insane. This kind of behavior in both situations should be completely frowned upon. The people of Connecticut regardless of if they know it because many are democrats deserve better than that. A person with honor would resign after two humiliating instances like that, but those are democrat lawmakers for you.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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