PANDEMONIUM in Baltimore: City descends into madness as Biden SITS SILENT

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Baltimore has fallen! The madness that has gripped the city’s Inner Harbor has left residents and visitors alike shaken to their core. Amidst this chaos, the Biden Administration’s silence speaks volumes about their stance on public safety – or lack thereof. What’s more, the Mayor of Baltimore has proposed a citywide curfew for minors in a last-ditch effort to regain control. But will it be enough to save a city that seems to be slipping further into the abyss? It’s a heart-wrenching situation, and one that demands immediate attention from our leaders.

All hell broke out on Sunday night in Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor district when gunshots were heard, causing hundreds of spring break youngsters to scatter through the streets. 

This violence has put the Biden administration’s failed leadership in full focus, pushing the mayor of Baltimore to propose an unprecedented citywide curfew for minors during the summer months. The shattered tranquility and fear gripping Baltimore is unfortunately not surprising with more than 50 years of Democratic control over this struggling city – plagued by murders, broken families, collapsing education system, and an ever-worsening opioid crisis.

As reports pour in that a 14yo and 16yo suffered gunshot wounds while police officers mere feet away looked on helplessly at what could be described as an apocalyptic scene – it’s become clear that either the young people don’t care about consequences or don’t believe there are any.

Without respect for human life nor authority – these shootings highlight a dire need for quick action from both local and federal leaders. And yet, despite a growing chorus of concerned citizens demanding decisive leadership from Washington DC – Biden remains silent on Baltimore’s rapid downfall.

The emerging tragedy unfolding before our eyes is both heartbreaking and infuriating. Despite protests from the local community – demanding immediate action be taken so that no child has to live in fear of such violence again – Joe Biden continues to look away from this tragedy that he could have prevented with much-needed reforms. With that said, we must still applaud Mayor Brandon Scott for his bravery in stepping up where others have failed; implementing a long overdue citywide curfew for minors starting this summer which may help reduce some future risk of violence during this already difficult period. Moving forward, we can only hope President Biden will find it within himself to take responsibility and properly address the issue at hand before it’s too late.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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