Betrayed by Their Own: Ron Paul Shocks America with Revelation on JFK Assassination!

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You won’t believe what former congressman Ron Paul has just revealed about the JFK assassination! According to Paul, the CIA was behind the infamous assassination and it was all part of their plan to create a “New World Order” takeover of America. But that’s not all, Paul also exposes the corrupt government agencies and globalist elites that are working behind the scenes to push their progressive agenda forward. It’s a shocking truth that you won’t hear on mainstream news, but Ron Paul is blowing the whistle and calling out Congress for betraying the Constitution. Want to know more? Keep watching to uncover the corruption that Ron Paul is exposing.

Ron Paul has once again made headlines with his explosive claims about the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. According to Paul, the killing of JFK in 1963 was a successful coup orchestrated by the globalist elite, marking the beginning of the New World Order takeover of America. During a recent appearance on the Tim Pool podcast, Paul called out members of Congress who have no loyalty to the US Constitution, and spoke candidly about the current state of affairs in America.

Speaking on the “Timcast IRL” show, Paul revealed his belief that the United States government was involved in the assassination of JFK, and that this event served as the starting point for the globalist takeover of America. He believes that the CIA used the assassination to gain more power and control over the US government, and that this power has only increased in the decades since. Paul also warns against the progressive movement and the destruction of truth in society as factors that have enabled the New World Order to gain power.

Paul’s claims align with those of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who recently accused the CIA of orchestrating a coup against America and murdering his uncle. According to Kennedy Jr, the assassination was a “successful coup d’état” that the United States has never recovered from. Paul’s warning about the dangers of government agencies gaining too much power and control is particularly relevant in today’s political climate, where many are concerned about the overreach of intelligence agencies and government control over individual liberties.

In light of these concerns, Paul advocates for homeschooling and private education as means of preserving the truth and promoting free market economics. He believes that the current education system is designed to promote a certain agenda, and that parents must take control of their children’s education in order to counter this agenda.

Ron Paul’s claims about the New World Order takeover of America are shocking and controversial, but they cannot be dismissed outright. As concerns about government power and control over individual liberties continue to grow, it is important to consider the possibility that these concerns are not unfounded. Whether or not one agrees with Paul’s views, his warning about the dangers of progressive agendas and government agencies gaining too much power is especially relevant in today’s political climate. It is up to us as citizens to stay informed, question authority, and fight for the preservation of our constitutional rights.

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