HAHA! Gutfeld Torches Geraldo After Self-Own Out-of-Touch Position on Electric Vehicles

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Are electric cars really the solution to our climate crisis or just a luxury for the rich? This debate was taken to a whole new level on FOX News during ‘The Five’ when Geraldo Rivera and Greg Gutfeld got into a heated argument. It’s shocking to see these two hosts battle it out on live TV over something as seemingly trivial as electric vehicles. However, it’s a clear indication of just how passionate people are about this topic. In a world where climate change is hyped at every turn, it comes as no surprise that electric cars are in the spotlight. But are they really the answer, or are they simply a status symbol for the elite? The out of touch liberal praises electric cars, but is he right? The Bentley luxury car brand even gets dragged into the mix. You won’t believe what happens as these two FOX News hosts duke it out over Biden’s EV plan!

INTRO. During Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Five’ on FOX News, there was a heated debate between hosts Geraldo Rivera and Greg Gutfeld over electric vehicles. While Biden’s plan to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by promoting electric vehicles seems enticing, it raises an important question: Are electric cars a luxury for the wealthy or a necessary solution for our climate crisis?

Geraldo Rivera, taking the position of Democrats and the Biden administration, praised electric vehicles and stressed that they are the best solution for everyone. However, things quickly turned sour when he mentioned the luxury automobile brand of Bentley. Greg Gutfeld called Rivera out on being a rich, liberal hypocrite who is out of touch with the FOX News audience. Gutfeld argued that it was easy for Rivera to advocate for electric vehicles because he could afford them.Ā 

Gutfeld’s argument has some merit. Electric vehicles (EVs) are generally more expensive than traditional gas-powered vehicles, making them inaccessible to many Americans. While Biden’s proposal aims for incentives to buy electric vehicles and for manufacturers to produce them, the transition to electric vehicles requires investment in charging stations, upgrading the electric grid, and adapting homes for electric appliances. These changes prove to be costly and can take time.

Furthermore, the production of electric vehicles is not entirely environmentally friendly. The production and disposal of lithium-ion batteries, which power electric cars, produce hazardous waste that poses a threat to the environment. In addition, the mining of rare-earth metals required to manufacture these batteries is not sustainable and often contributes to air and water pollution.

To sum up, the controversy surrounding the feasibility and benefits of electric vehicles was on full display on Wednesday’s ‘The Five’ episode on FOX News, when Geraldo Rivera’s position on EVs was heavily criticized by fellow host Greg Gutfeld. Although Rivera and others may argue that electric vehicles are the best solution for our transportation and environmental concerns, their high costs and limited accessibility to many Americans make this steadfast position seem out of touch with reality for many. In times like these, there must be a careful examination of the facts and a solution crafted that recognizes the disparities between the opinions of the wealthy and the rest of Americans. Addressing the crucial issues surrounding EV manufacturing, investments in electric infrastructure, and accessibility to charging stations should be a priority if this technology is to gain traction as a feasible option for all Americans.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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