DeSantis’ Presidential Hopes Take a Hit as Major GOP Donor Changes Course

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ dreams of becoming the next President of the United States have been shattered. In a shocking twist, a prominent GOP donor has renounced his support for DeSantis’ likely 2024 White House campaign, leaving the Governor scrambling to regain his footing. The move is a major blow to DeSantis’ political aspirations, and has sent shock waves through the GOP establishment. With this sudden change in course, DeSantis’ Presidential campaign has hit a major roadblock, leaving many wondering how he will bounce back. Join us as we break down this bombshell development and explore what it could mean for DeSantis’ future in politics.

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, was once seen as a rising star in the Republican Party and a potential successor to Donald Trump.

However, his presidential aspirations may have suffered a major blow, as a key GOP donor, Hungarian-born billionaire Thomas Peterffy, announced that his plans to help finance DeSantis’s likely White House campaign are “on hold.” 

This setback adds to DeSantis’s recent woes, which include plummeting polling numbers, controversial statements on President Trump’s indictment, and criticism of his record as governor. In this report we explore why DeSantis’s presidential campaign is in dire straits, and whether he can recover after losing the support of one of the party’s top donors.

It is well-known that presidential campaigns require massive amounts of money, and candidates often rely on the support of wealthy donors to fund their campaigns. DeSantis has already raised over $110 million, but the majority of it (around $80 million) is tied to Florida and cannot be used in a presidential campaign. This leaves him at a significant disadvantage compared to other candidates, who have greater access to national fundraising networks.

One such candidate is former President Donald Trump, who has maintained a broad base of small-money donors across the country. In fact, Trump’s campaign brought in over $15 million in the last two weeks alone following his indictment over bogus hush money charges. This underscores the challenge faced by DeSantis in building a nationwide fundraising network from scratch, even as he trails Trump by 31 points in recent polls.

Moreover, the withdrawal of the support of a key GOP donor like Thomas Peterffy is a major blow to DeSantis’s campaign. Peterffy, who has an estimated net worth of $26 billion, has long been a top Republican donor, and in 2022, he gave $7.7 million to individual Republican campaigns and conservative political action committees, according to Open Secrets. However, Peterffy recently said he was “keeping his powder dry” on a likely White House run by DeSantis because of the Governor’s signing of a six-week abortion ban into law, which Peterffy views as too extreme. He also expressed his objection to the Florida governor’s decision to ban adult-oriented books from public schools.

The withdrawal of Peterffy’s support is a significant setback for DeSantis, who cannot afford to lose the backing of wealthy donors like Peterffy. DeSantis is a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing Bush supporting Neocon who can’t survive without billion dollar donors who he would then be beholden to while Trump electrifies small donations coast-to-coast.

Without these donors, he will be at a massive financial disadvantage compared to the former President, making it nearly impossible to close the polling gap. It appears that DeSantis simply does not have the pull with small-money donors that Trump has, leaving his presidential campaign in tatters.

It is clear that DeSantis’s presidential campaign is hanging by a thread, and his chances of securing the Republican nomination appear slim, at best. Without the support of wealthy donors like Thomas Peterffy, he simply cannot compete with the fundraising power of Donald Trump. However, all is not lost. There is still time for DeSantis to recover and rebuild his campaign, but he will need the support of the Republican base and small-money donors to do so. As we approach the 2024 election, it is more important than ever to support Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency. With his broad base of small-money donors, he is the only candidate

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