Trump Persists Against Second Political Persecution in New York

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Former President Donald Trump’s recent accusation against black New York Attorney General Letitia James has been nothing short of classic Trump. Trump has branded James as a “racist,” who has also been persecuting him for political reasons.

The allegations of former President Donald Trump against New York Attorney General Letitia James have created a buzz online. In a recent tweet, Trump accused James of being a “racist” and leaking details about his deposition in the $250 million case against his business empire.

Trump further claimed that the leak made it tougher for the Police and Secret Service to do their job.

He wrote on his Truth Social media platform before he boarded his motorcade for the ride through lower Manhattan, “I will be heading downtown to meet with a Racist who leaked that I would be there at 9:30 A.M. The leak makes it much more difficult for the Police and Secret Service to do their job.”

As Trump left Trump Tower on Thursday morning for James’ downtown office, he waved to the crowds and pumped his fist.聽

 He slammed James’ case against him and his adult children, calling it “ridiculous.” 

He wrote ‘This civil case is ridiculous, just like all of the other Election Interference cases being brought against me. If I had a fair judge, this case would have never happened. MAGA!.’

There were videos featuring James added to Trump’s Truth Social account after Trump arrived, showing clips of James expressing her desire to sue him.

As part of his policy video, the presidential candidate for 2024 said he wanted to fire the ‘radical Marxist prosecutors destroying America.’ 

The Former President said, ‘There is no more dire threat to the American Way of Life than the corruption and weaponization of our Justice System – and it’s happening all around us. If we cannot restore the fair and impartial rule of law, we will not be a free country.’ 

Trump has pledged to appoint U.S. attorneys who will be ‘the polar opposite of the Soros District Attorneys.’ 

James alleges that Trump family members intentionally misrepresented his assets’ values in financial statements, including golf clubs and hotels bearing his name, to banks and others.

Among her demands is $250 million in damages, as well as a ban on Trump and his three adult children from doing business anywhere in the state in the future – Ivanka, Don, Jr., and Eric.

At a news conference on Wednesday, she declined to comment on the deposition.

The case between James and Trump continues to draw attention like that of DA Alvin Bragg. These two opportunists are thirsty for blood simply because they have power. When the American people know just how much of a sham all this is. What will happen when all their allegations go nowhere, will they stand down or will they double down? That鈥檚 to be determined.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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