UN Moves to Seize New Emergency Powers That Threaten to Destroy American Sovereignty!

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Are you ready for the United Nations to take control of every country? The UN is now seeking vast new powers that could allow them to do just that, while destroying American sovereignty in the process. Keep watching to learn more about this shocking development!

The United Nations has been a contentious issue for many Americans, with some believing that it represents a real threat to our nation’s sovereignty. However, recent developments have shown that these fears may not be unfounded after all. The UN is now seeking vast new powers that could allow them to take control of every country and undermine American interests. This article will delve into the specifics of the UN’s recent resolution on “Peace and Security” and its potential impact on US sovereignty. Find out more about this shocking development and what it could mean for the future of America.

The UN’s push for these new powers comes in the form of a resolution entitled “Peace and Security,” which was recently passed by the General Assembly. This resolution calls for an increase in the number of peacekeepers deployed around the world, as well as increased funding for these operations. It also calls for greater cooperation between nations in order to ensure global security and stability.

What makes this resolution particularly concerning is its potential implications for US sovereignty. If passed, it would give the UN unprecedented power over all countries, including the United States. This could mean anything from increased taxes on US citizens to restrictions on US military operations abroad. It could even mean a complete takeover of US government functions by international organizations such as the World Bank or International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The implications of this resolution are far-reaching and could have devastating consequences for America’s future. Not only would it strip away our sovereignty, but it could also lead to increased taxes and regulations on businesses, higher costs for consumers, and decreased economic growth overall. Additionally, it could open up opportunities for foreign governments or organizations to interfere in US affairs without any accountability or oversight from Congress or other domestic institutions.

The Chinese Communist Party has a strong presence within the United Nations, and many believe it already wields too much influence. Allowing the United Nations to manage global emergencies is akin to entrusting the Chinese Communist Party with the fate of the world. Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations Kevin Moley warns that “Allowing the U.N. to deal with this is the equivalent of putting the CCP in charge of global emergencies.”

The United Nations’ corruption problems are well-documented, and their track record of dealing with previous emergencies is lackluster. The global organization is inefficient, bureaucratic, and prone to fraud. We simply cannot trust the United Nations with global emergencies or anything else.

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres laid out his vision for empowering the United Nations, but this is nothing more than empire-building. Guterres is seeking to bolster global governance and give the United Nations more power and reach. This call for stronger international cooperation is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to consolidate power and establish a new world order.

It is clear that this resolution poses a serious threat to American sovereignty and should not be taken lightly by US citizens or their representatives in Congress. We must remain vigilant and oppose any attempts by the UN or other international bodies to infringe upon our rights as a nation or undermine our national security interests. We must also continue to advocate for policies that protect our freedoms and promote economic prosperity at home and abroad. 

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