Poll Reveals How Biden’s Sagging Economy is Haunting Americans

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A shocking poll reveals that Americans are most worried about Biden’s economy, with inflation and crime ranking closely behind. Fewer people are concerned about other issues because they’re too busy watching their finances. 

A CBS News/YouGov poll has revealed that 97% of Americans are concerned about President Joe Biden’s dwindling economy, which has remained a top issue for months. But that’s not all. The survey also indicates that inflation and crime come in a close second, while healthcare and government spending follow. The Biden administration may claim that the economy is on the mend, but Americans aren’t fooled.

Biden’s economy has been the most important issue on Americans’ minds for months, according to CBS News polling.

The economy’s fragile condition has taken a toll on households across the country. Bloomberg reports that in 2022, Biden’s 40-year-high inflation has cost American households an average of $5,200 more than in previous years. CNBC’s Your Money Financial Confidence survey reveals that some 70% of Americans feel financially stressed under Biden’s government.

Ninety-five percent said Biden’s inflation was a major concern, along with crime, followed by health care (94 percent) and government spending (91 percent). Only 79 percent said abortion was an important issue.

According to CBS News polling, Biden’s economy has been his top issue for months. In January, 97 percent of respondents said Biden’s economy was important, tied with inflation. Second place went to crime with 94 percent. At 81 percent, abortion ranked well down the list.

One of the primary reasons for the inflation crisis is an energy crisis that has erupted in Biden’s term. This crisis has impacted many sectors, including banking. In March, a banking crisis occurred, in part because of sharp interest rate hikes to reduce inflation. Despite this, the Federal Reserve continued to increase interest rates in March to tamp down soaring inflation. Economists warn that these efforts could trigger a recession and cause financial instability.

We are all aware that It’s tax season, the time of the year where uncle sam comes to collect. This year it seems the rich have more to worry about with their finances. 

The American public is deeply concerned about the state of the country’s economy under Biden’s administration. Many Americans find themselves struggling to make ends meet because the price of everything has skyrocketed. Despite the government’s claims about the state of the economy, the majority of Americans disagree. 

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