Another Democrat Abandons Failed Agenda for Republican Policies!

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America’s political landscape is shifting, and Democrats who once clung to their outdated policies are now switching sides. Let’s find out why another Democrat has abandoned his party in favor of the Republican party.

The latest defector is West Virginia Del. Elliott Pritt, who has left the Democrats to join the Republican Party. Pritt’s move comes on the heels of Louisiana Rep. Jeremy LaCombe, who also ditched his former party for the Republicans. This political exodus is a clear sign that Republicans are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people.

Besides serving as minority chair of the Committee on Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services, Pitts is also minority vice chair of the Committee on Education, minority vice chair of the Committee on Jails and Prisons, minority vice chair of the Committee on Pensions and Retirement, and minority vice chair of the Committee on Economic Development and Tourism.

Elgine McArdle, the chairwoman of the West Virginia Republican Party, welcomed Pritt to the party and said, “Like so many West Virginians, Delegate Pritt has recognized that the Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party that our parents grew up with.”

Further, McArdle said, “The Democratic Party of today is led by President Joe Biden and the radical, woke left who continue to advocate values and policies which defy logic and clash with the traditional values of the majority of West Virginians. The Democratic Party of today is the party of crime and lawlessness, the party of mobs, unchecked illegal immigration, runaway government spending, late-term abortion, and government overreach.”

Lastly McArdle said, “The Republican Party is the party of traditional American values. We support the right to life, the right to keep and bear arms, strong national security, the traditional family, fiscal restraint, and we are proud of America.”

Pritt’s move was not well received by the Democratic Party. In response to Elliott’s decision to switch parties, House Minority Leader Doug Skaff said, “Obviously, I’m disappointed in Elliott’s decision to switch parties. It’s kind of odd that just a few weeks ago he was one of the most vocal Democrats working within our caucus to call out and hold Republicans accountable for their legislative agenda.”

“Elliott made it clear that the Republicans had their priorities wrong on numerous occasions, and I’m curious to see how well he’ll be received within his new caucus,” Skaff said.

As a result of Pritt’s transition, the GOP now has 89 members in the House, while the Democrats now have just 11.

The Republican Party is the party of the American people. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for. With every Democrat who abandons their failed agenda and joins our ranks, we become a stronger, more united force for good. So bring on the defectors, America. Let’s watch the democrats destroy themselves from within.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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