Biden’s Offshore Wind Plan in Jeopardy as DoD Sounds Alarm

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Like anything Joe Biden does, disaster ensues. This time it has to do with his feetish to transition our entire country’s power grid to his ugly wind turbines that no one seems to want, not even the environmentalists. His administration has just received bad news, translating to good news for all of us,that his project is doing more harm than good. Shocker right?

America’s plan to replace much of its current power grid with offshore wind turbines is facing backlash from alarming warnings issued by the Department of Defense (DoD). A Pentagon assessment of the proposed locations to build offshore wind farms on the Atlantic Coast labeled some areas as “highly problematic” due to their proximity to U.S. military training sites.

These warnings, published by Bloomberg on Monday, have come as a major blow to President Joe Biden’s ambitious plan to build a resilient, sustainable, and renewable energy future for America. But is this just another roadblock to achieve his “Build Back Better” initiative? 

The assessment, published in October 2022, was confirmed by the DoD as an authentic warning of proposed areas for offshore wind development. The Defense Department has pledged to “continue to work” with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the entity responsible for approving the offshore wind projects, to find the “best locations for development.”

However, several offshore areas off the coasts of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware have been deemed “highly problematic” in the DoD map, well far from the two large-scale projects already approved for development off the coast of New Jersey.

According to Bloomberg, the concerns raised by the DoD were related to the U.S. Navy and Air Force’s inability to engage in routine operations should wind turbines be installed near certain military training sites in these regions.

The Pentagon also raised questions about how the wind farms would impact the environment, shipping, fishing, and military readiness, among other issues.

Four out of six potential wind lease areas recommended by BOEM last year are shaded red, including two deep-water parcels that might require floating turbines, the report added. The remaining two areas in yellow are identified as requiring further study.

Protesters, supported by Republican Congressmen Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith, from New Jersey, have urged the Biden administration to reconsider its offshore wind plan.

Here is congressman Jeff Van Drew talking addressing congresses investigation in offshore wind industrialization.

According to these reactionary groups, wind turbines would cause irreparable harm to the oceans and create substantial risks to marine life. Preliminary work such as sonar for locating potential sites for wind farms, could adversely affect the echolocation capacities of whales and dolphins, leading to a surge in the number of dead marine mammals washing ashore, they emphasized.

However, BOEM and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have denied any relationship between the offshore wind development and dead marine mammals.

Biden’s offshore wind plan was an ambitious program designed to revive the U.S. economy, protect the environment, secure jobs, and reduce carbon emissions. However we all know what that word vomit means. Hopefully they’ll listen to their DoD since they don’t listen to the people who elected them. America is not ready for this aggressive attack on our power grid, after all it’s worked for us for decades. Why change what’s not broken.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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