Experts Warn: Electric Cars Pose Serious Structural Risk

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A shocking new warning has emerged that electric cars could potentially cause parking garage collapses similar to the tragic one in New York City earlier this week.

With the massive batteries found in vehicles like the GMC Hummer and Audi E-Tron SUV weighing in at thousands of pounds each, structural engineers and building regulators are concerned older parking garages are not equipped to withstand the extra weight.

The recent collapse of a parking garage in New York City serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers posed by electric cars.Ā 

Structural engineers and regulators in the United States and Europe are now calling for a crackdown on the construction and safety standards of parking garages to accommodate these heavy vehicles. 

According to industry experts, the weight of electric cars’ batteries creates a significant safety hazard for parking garages, primarily older structures not designed with these heavy vehicles in mind. Chris Whapples, a structural engineer and consultant from the United Kingdom, authored a new report that recommends increasing weight limits for car parks. “Operators of multi-story car parks need to be aware of electric vehicle weights, obtain strength assessments and decide if they need to limit weight.” Russell Simmons, British Parking Association structures group chairman, supports Whapples’ findings and calls for higher load bearing weights for the concrete floors of parking garages.

The battery of the new all-electric GMC Hummer weighs over 2,900 pounds, equivalent to a Honda Civic’s weight, while the Audi E-tron SUV weighs more than 5,700 pounds, over 1,000 pounds heavier than a comparable Ford Explorer. These vehicles are significantly heavier than their internal combustion counterparts, making them potentially more dangerous to park structures. Additionally, the presence of electric cars only complicates the cleanup operation in the event of a collapse due to hazardous materials such as gas tanks and fluids, as well as the possibility of electric vehicles in the garage.

The recent collapse of the New York City parking garage has drawn attention to the issue of building safety regulations. The garage was built in 1925 and was certified for occupancy in 1926, certified again in 2008 for “more than five” motor vehicles in the basement and first three stories, with the roof only certified for passenger vehicles. The building had faced multiple building code violations in the 2000s due to cracked and defective concrete. Despite a requirement for structural inspections and reports, the garage owners had not yet complied.

The push for electric vehicles by elites and their environmentalist allies puts people’s lives at risk. Electric vehicles could lead to catastrophic parking garage collapses, which would cause chaos, injuries, and fatalities. Structural engineers and regulators have called for a crackdown on the construction and safety standards of parking garages to accommodate these heavy vehicles. It is crucial to take a conservative and cautious approach to the implementation of new technology to avoid serious consequences. Let us prioritize safety and common sense over the radical left’s agenda.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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