Biden’s Age: The Elephant in the Room the Democrats Don’t Want to Talk About!

The Democrats are playing a dangerous game with our future. They know that Biden's age and health are a liability, but they're afraid to deal with the problem.
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You won’t believe what the Democrats are trying to hide from the American people! They’re not just playing defense, they’re playing with fire. Joe Biden’s age and health are the elephant in the room they don’t want to talk about – but we’re going to shed the light on the inconvenient truth!

The Democrats know they have a problem, and it’s not just Donald Trump again. They’re terrified of the ticking time bomb that is Joe Biden’s age and health. It’s the inconvenient truth they don’t want to discuss, the elephant in the room they’re hoping no one notices. But we can’t ignore the fact that Biden is 80 years old and showing signs of senility and dementia. The risk of his declining mental and physical health causing chaos and calamity for the nation is high. The Democrats think they can sweep Biden’s age and health problems under the rug, but the American people deserve to know the facts.

Over the weekend, when asked if Biden should be doing more to assure Americans he is up to the job as the 2024 election approaches, Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin made excuses for the 80-year-old President.

Minnesota Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar made the same excuses when faced with similar questions about Biden’s fitness to serve:

Let’s start with the basics. Joe Biden is the oldest person ever to be elected president. He is currently 80 years old, and he will be 86 by the end of a second term. Biden’s age has already shown to be a concern during this first term, with awkward gaffes and mental lapses. There were numerous instances during speeches where he struggled to articulate his thoughts and even forgot where he was. These are not isolated incidents, but a pattern of behavior that should alarm anyone who cares about the future of this nation.

So why aren’t the Democrats talking about this? Simple – they’re afraid it will hurt their party’s chances of winning the presidency. They know that Biden’s age and health are a liability, but they’d rather ignore the problem than deal with it. They’re playing Russian roulette with the nation’s future, hoping that Biden can hold out long enough to win re-election. But what happens if he does win? Will he be able to serve out his term without incidents? Or will we have another failed presidency on our hands?

It’s not just Biden’s age and health that’s a concern, either. It’s his Vice President, Kamala Harris, who would take over the presidency if anything were to happen to Biden. She’s even less qualified than Biden, and has a history of advocating for radical policies. Her embrace of socialism and defunding the police is dangerous for our nation, as is her open borders policy.

The Democrats are playing a dangerous game with our future. They know that Biden’s age and health are a liability, but they’re afraid to deal with the problem. This is not just about politics, but about the future of our nation. We cannot afford to have another failed presidency, especially given the challenges we face in the coming years. We need strong leadership and sound policies, not senility and dementia. The American people deserve to know the facts, and we must demand transparency from our politicians. If the Democrats continue to ignore the elephant in the room, they do so at their own peril!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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