Chris Christie’s All-You-Can-Eat Political Feast: Dishing Out DeSantis & Trump Takedowns

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Former New Jersey Governor, and buffet aficionado Chris Christie, has emerged as a disruptive force in the 2024 Republican primary, positioning himself at the front of the carving station as the only viable Donald Trump “alternative”. But with his non-existent polling numbers and a crowded field of potential candidates, can he overcome the odds and win the nomination?

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s potential presidential run has captured the attention of the Republican Party, and chefs nationwide, as he ramps up his appetite to attack top GOP figures Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump. Though he has not officially declared his candidacy, Christie’s media appearances, meetings with potential donors, and dining partners suggest he’s as serious about the opportunity as an all-you-can eat buffet. Let’s explore Christie’s emerging campaign strategy. 

Fox news reported Christie’s macho talk against Trump while in New Hampshire.

Christie’s aides have been laying the groundwork for his potential run, signaling his intentions and promoting his strengths. 

His pitch is centered around his perceived strengths: his ability to attack other candidates, his relationship with Donald Trump, winning the Paul Bunyan’s Cupboard award for finishing the Old 96’er (gristle and all), and his history of winning tough elections as a Republican in a blue state. These aides believe that Christie’s moderate brand of conservatism could appeal to voters in the general election, particularly in the aftermath of Trump’s presidency.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of Christie’s campaign strategy is his willingness to criticize Donald Trump, whom he considers a friend. Christie believes that his personal relationship with the former president gives him unique credibility in attacking him. He cited his 2016 takedown of Marco Rubio as proof that he’s the best candidate to go toe-to-toe with Trump. Some in the party worry that such attacks could backfire in a general election, however. 

Despite his confidence, Christie faces a steep uphill climb to the nomination, but you won’t find him on a treadmill preparing for the long road ahead. He’s averaging just 1% in recent polls, and is barely considered a viable candidate by some polling outfits who even bothered to add him to their polls. 

His standing in the polls is particularly concerning given the crowded field of potential candidates.

For Christie, the path to the nomination is uncertain. He’s acknowledged that he doesn’t know what his path to victory would look like, but he finds inspiration in past underdog candidates like Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Christie’s aides point to the early 2015 GOP primary, in which Scott Walker and Jeb Bush were frontrunners before ultimately faltering.

With his emerging campaign strategy, his confidence in criticizing Donald Trump, and his willingness to defy the odds, like that night at Paul Bunyan’s Cupboard, Chris Christie is making a BIG splash as a potential candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination. Despite the obstacles he faces, such as stairs and tying his shoes, he remains optimistic about his chances. However, you know what they say, if no one believes in you at least you can be your BIGGEST supporter. That will certainly be something to admire the former New Jersey governor on if he does jump into the race, after that second slice of pie of course. 

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