UNBELIEVABLE: Democrat Senator Back Peddling On Biden’s Climate Bill

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Did you know America is in deep trouble thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act? Senator Joe Manchin who supported the bill when it passed is doing what is rarely seen by politicians and t’s running away from the legislation they voted in favor of. Find out why the senator is now backtracking on the climate change-“friendly” bill!

Politicians always make bold promises and tout legislation with exuberant proclamations, but what happens when such claims turn out to be hot air? Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who supported the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), is feeling the heat after the consequences and real intentions of the bill have started revealing themselves. 

With his approval plummeting within his own state, Manchin has not only renounced his support for the bill but has also expressed concerns about the act’s impact on the American public. Despite the backlash, it appears the Democrat senator has caused irreparable damage and will have to face the consequences.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has been touted as one of the most significant climate bills in the history of the United States. The bill contains a massive expenditure of $370 billion in climate and clean energy investments aimed at reducing US greenhouse gas emissions by up to 43% below the 2005 levels by 2030.

The IRA also aims to accelerate coal retirements to ensure that the US reaches its climate targets. The legislation would provide $5 billion to guarantee low-cost loans for utilizing new technologies, which will aid in reducing coal debt and funding clean-energy initiatives. Additionally, the bill allocates $9.7 billion to provide financial assistance for rural electric cooperatives to source clean energy.

However, the effects of the IRA have been anything but positive. With the bill’s passage, US inflation rates have started to rise, along with increasing federal government spending. Americans have already begun feeling the impact on their wallets, with many feeling the effects of the failing economy.

According to experts, the IRA, which is packed with climate change provisions, could cut US greenhouse gas emissions by nearly half over the next decade. However, various issues have arisen following the bill’s passage, including the crushing effects on the oil and gas industry, an increase in inflation, and a spike in federal government spending. The situation has placed Senator Manchin on the hot seat and left him scurrying for cover.

The senator has been back peddling since then, and he did it again during a Senate hearing last week. While expressing concern about “scamming” the American people, the scam was actually in the legislation.  

The popular Republican Governor Jim Justice has taken note of how West Virginians feel about the vote and could successfully challenge Manchin in 2024. 

Despite Manchin’s attempts to distance himself from the legislation he championed and voted for, the damage has already been done. West Virginians are feeling the effects of the bill and Manchin’s poll numbers have taken a hit. Governor Jim Justice has taken notice of the dissatisfaction among his constituents and may challenge Manchin for his seat in 2024. As he moves forward, it is important to consider the long-term consequences of legislation before blindly supporting it. We must prioritize the needs of our citizens and ensure that any policy decisions are made with their best interests in mind.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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