BUSTED: Arizona Democrat State Rep. Steals Bibles From Colleagues

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The breaking news on Arizona Democrat State Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton’s Bible theft is making headlines across the country. Video footage shows the shocking act of an ordained minister stealing bibles reportedly from a members-only lounge at the Arizona State Capitol, leaving many to question the motivation behind such actions. Prior to the installation of a hidden camera, the holy books were mysteriously disappearing, and Stahl Hamilton was finally caught on camera taking a Bible from the console table and hiding it. This scandal has raised concerns about the state representative’s respect for religious beliefs and whether she should face disciplinary action for such behavior. 

In a shocking revelation, Arizona State Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D-Tucson) was caught on camera stealing Bibles from the members-only lounge at the Arizona State Capitol. A hidden camera was set up after several Holy books started disappearing from the lounge, and it was discovered that Stahl Hamilton was the culprit. The video footage posted by AZFamily clearly shows the state representative taking a Bible from a console table in the lounge and hiding it.

When the Arizona State Capitol’s security officers noticed that Bibles were mysteriously disappearing in the members-only lounge, they decided to catch the culprit. To do this, they set up hidden cameras to catch the perpetrator. To their surprise, a Democratic politician, Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, was caught on camera stealing Bibles from the console table and hiding them away. However, they soon discovered that the missing Bibles were not only hidden in the lounge but also found under seat cushions and even in the refrigerator.

Video footage was captured of Stahl Hamilton taking a Bible and hiding it in the members-only lounge. The video footage was later posted by AZFamily journalist David Caltabiano, and he later confronted Stahl Hamilton in the Capitol building, where she initially refused to talk to him. When confronted with the video, Stahl Hamilton tried to brush it off, saying that her behavior was just “playful commentary on the separation of church and state.” Stahl Hamilton also texted Caltabiano, admitting to the theft.

Stahl Hamilton’s apology to her colleagues was not enough to appease Pro-Tempore Speaker, Travis Grantham, who felt that it was a sinister move. He further added that, “When I’m watching that, I’m thinking, ‘This is obviously someone who’s got some purpose and some intent, and they know they’re doing something bad.” Grantham was also shocked at the irony that an ordained minister would hide Bibles away from her colleagues.

Hamilton’s statement that her actions were related to the separation of church and state did little to impress Grantham, who felt that having a Bible in the lounge should not be an issue. He argued that Arizona’s state motto is “God enriches” and that the Bible should be available for members to read. However, sources confirm that Stahl Hamilton never raised a complaint about the Holy books’ presence in the members-only lounge.

It remains unclear if Stahl Hamilton will face any disciplinary action for her actions. The incident has sparked a religious controversy in the Arizona State Capitol about the importance of the Bible’s presence in public spaces. On one hand, some believe that the Bible should have no place in the state Capitol, while others feel that it is a symbol of Arizona’s religious and cultural heritage.

The theft of Bibles by Democrat State Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton has reignited discussions about the role of the Bible in public spaces and the separation of church and state in Arizona. There is a divide over whether the Bible belongs in government buildings as it is both an essential part of American heritage and can be seen as a violation of the separation between church and state. The incident has caused a religious controversy in Arizona’s State Capitol and has emphasized the importance of respecting each other’s beliefs and values, regardless of one’s religious beliefs or political affiliations. It reminds us of the significance of the Bible in Arizona’s identity and history and the importance of respecting diverse beliefs and values in a democratic society.

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