IRS Website Claims American Tax-Payers’ Worst Hiring Nightmare

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Is the IRS still preparing to send armed agents to your door? With the agency’s previous news on the expansion of  their power and hiring of special agents, their website seems to be advertising something that should be troubling to all American tax-payers with an issue we all thought had been laid to rest. You won’t want to miss this.

The Internal Revenue Service is hiring armed agents to work in states across the country. The IRS website is advertising the availability of special agent positions, highlighting their duties to be willing and able to participate in arrests and carry firearms. This move comes as the IRS has received $80 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act and plans to hire 87,000 employees over the next decade.

The hiring of armed agents by the IRS has raised concerns among conservative groups who fear that the agency could use its expanded power to harass taxpayers and political opponents.

Here is congressman Brian Mast speaking about the now House passed bill

The American for Tax Reform has pointed out that the IRS has 360 vacancies for agents across all 50 states, which could lead to an increase in audits and investigations. Additionally, the agency’s expansion is seen by some as a means for Democrats to push their political agenda, as the IRS could be used to target groups and individuals who do not align with their views.

The American For Tax Reform lists locations in all 50 states. The FBI is seeking armed agents at 20 Texas sites, 18 California sites, 13 Florida sites, 13 New York sites, nine Georgia sites, nine Pennsylvania sites, seven Tennessee sites, six Missouri sites, five Arizona sites, four North Carolina sites, four Iowa sites, four Wisconsin sites, and three Colorado sites.

Furthermore, the IRS’s hiring of armed agents raises concerns about the use of force by the agency. Special agents are trained to use force, including deadly force, in life-threatening situations. This training, coupled with the agency’s ability to conduct searches and arrests, could lead to abuses of power and violations of citizens’ rights. The use of force by the IRS should be a last resort, and the agency should always seek to resolve issues through peaceful means.

The Inflation Reduction Act has provided the IRS with an unprecedented amount of funding, which has raised eyebrows among conservatives. The act was passed by Democrats in Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden, despite opposition from Republicans.

The act includes measures aimed at reducing inflation, such as providing funding for infrastructure and expanding social programs. However, the funding of the IRS has been a contentious issue, with critics arguing that the agency will use its expanded power to target political opponents and expand its reach into people’s lives.

The hiring of armed agents by the IRS has raised many questions about the agency’s motives and intentions. Conservatives are concerned that the IRS could use its expanded power to target political opponents and harass taxpayers. The use of force by the agency should be a last resort, and the IRS must always seek to resolve issues through peaceful means. It is crucial that the agency remains impartial and does not allow political biases to influence its actions. The American people must remain vigilant and hold lawmakers accountable if this is allowed to happen.

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