Pelosi’s LAVISH Transportation Spending EXPOSED in Bombshell Investigation

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been a vocal advocate for climate policies, calling for the phase-out of fossil fuels and a reduction in carbon pollution. However, her actions appear to contradict her words, as she continues to spend lavishly on private jet travel despite relinquishing her leadership post. According to a review of campaign finance records, Pelosi’s campaign has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on charter aircraft in recent years. Her excessive use of private jets raises questions about her commitment to fighting climate change and the sincerity of her calls for action. Let’s dive in…

Pelosi’s claims of being a champion for the environment stand in stark contradiction to her wasteful jet-setting ways. Despite relinquishing her leadership post and advocating for aggressive climate policies, Pelosi continues to spend recklessly on private jet travel. 

According to a comprehensive Fox News Digital review of campaign finance records, she tops the list of private jet spenders in the first quarter of 2022, having disbursed a whopping $43,663.80 on private jet travel with Advanced Aviation. 

Pelosi, who claims to be a vocal advocate for slashing carbon pollution and phasing out fossil fuels, has spent almost $700,000 on charter aircraft in recent years, mostly with Advanced Aviation, her preferred company based in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. The company offers aircraft ranging from small jets to ultra long-range 18-seaters with flight attendants for up to 16 hours of travel time.

Pelosi’s campaign disbursed a colossal $349,563 for charter aircraft during the 2022 election cycle alone, with a significant portion directed to Advanced Aviation. The former House leader had begun doling out cash to the private jet provider in October 2020 and had since moved around $659,169 from her campaign’s funds into private jets. Pelosi’s extravagant trips come at a time when she has vocally supported and advocated for cutting carbon pollution, touting her urgency in saving the planet. 

Last year, she even proclaimed, “Nothing can deter House Democrats from our urgent mission to save the planet.”

The Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are amongst other Democrat committees that have spent a considerable amount of money on private jet travel. During the midterm elections, the Democratic National Committee exhausted $337,903 on flights, while the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent $223,929. The Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund – a joint fundraising venture consisting of the DNC, all 50 state Democratic parties, and the District of Columbia Democratic Committee – spent $94,164 on private jets.

Undoubtedly, private jet travel is the most carbon-intensive mode of transportation. According to a 2021 report from the group Transport & Environment, it emits ten times more carbon than commercial planes and an astounding fifty times more carbon than trains. Pelosi’s hypocritical stance, preaching one thing and doing another, only serves to illustrate the Democrats’ underlying distrust of their climate policies.

Pelosi’s advocacy for climate policies appears to be only lip service, as her actions speak louder than her words. Despite stepping away from her leadership role and calling for aggressive climate action, she has spent nearly $700,000 on private jet travel in recent years. Private jet travel is the most carbon-intensive mode of transportation, raising questions about Pelosi’s so-called commitment to reducing carbon pollution and phasing out fossil fuels. Her actions represent the hypocrisy of Democratic leaders who claim to be champions of the environment but choose to prioritize their personal luxury over the planet’s health.

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Next News Network Team

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