Lawmakers tired of inaction: Senate Energy Committee hearing gets heated

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This issue isn’t just about energy and mineral development, it’s about the Biden administration’s flagrant disregard for federal law and their apparent willingness to cripple America’s energy independence. Senator Manchin’s fiery exchange with Interior Secretary Haaland sheds light on the incompetence and lack of action within the administration, leaving the American people in the dark about their future. As the Biden administration continues to push their radical climate agenda, they’re ignoring the immediate needs of the American people and the laws that are in place to protect them. The implications of this could be devastating for our national security, our economy, and our way of life.

Senator Joe Manchin has accused Interior Secretary Deb Haaland of ignoring federal law that requires fossil fuel and critical mineral development. During a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, Manchin expressed his frustration with the lack of progress and clear answers from the administration on these crucial energy and national security issues.

The Biden administration’s energy policies have come under fire once again, this time from Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia. During a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Manchin accused Interior Secretary Deb Haaland of ignoring federal law that requires the development of fossil fuels and critical minerals. He also criticized the first delay in U.S. history in developing a five-year offshore oil and gas lease sale plan, which he says is hurting the country’s oil and gas development.

Manchin pointed out that the administration has failed to follow the Inflation Reduction Act, which states that the government cannot explore offshore wind or onshore wind and solar production unless it continues to develop offshore oil and gas. He said that “you cannot do offshore wind, you cannot do onshore wind or solar unless we are extracting the resources that the good Lord has given us.” He accused Haaland and the entire administration of ignoring this language and failing to comply with laws Congress has passed.

The senator argued that the administration is slow-walking fossil fuel development, noting that officials failed to develop a five-year offshore oil and gas leasing plan by last summer’s deadline. He pointed out that the only offshore oil and gas leases that have taken place under Biden have been those ordered by Congress or the courts. Industry experts have warned that this delay would hurt U.S. oil and gas development in the years ahead.

Manchin also accused the administration of failing to follow the 2021 infrastructure law that calls for more permitting of critical mineral development. He believes that Interior’s failure to comply with laws Congress has passed is not a question of funding, but rather a question of misplaced priorities or a willingness to ignore certain requirements.

Haaland defended the administration’s energy policies and blamed the previous administration for the delay in developing the five-year offshore oil and gas lease sale plan. She said that the reason the plan is behind schedule is that the previous administration “dropped the ball and stopped working on the plan.” However, she did acknowledge that the final plan should be ready in September.

The Biden administration’s energy policies have been a subject of criticism from the right, particularly from those who support fossil fuels. They argue that the administration is ignoring federal law and harming the country’s energy security. The administration, on the other hand, has defended its policies as a necessary step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

This latest clash between Manchin and the administration highlights the ongoing tension between the two sides over energy policy. It remains to be seen whether the administration will make any changes to its policies or continue to move forward with its agenda.

The Biden administration is obstructing the development of America’s energy resources, ignoring federal law and delaying offshore oil and gas lease sales. Americans must demand their leaders prioritize energy independence and national security. The Democrats’ war on fossil fuels is reckless and threatens the country’s economic prosperity. We need practical solutions, not political posturing. We must elect leaders who prioritize America’s energy security and uphold the rule of law. The time for action is now. Stay informed and engaged on America’s energy policies, hold elected officials accountable, and demand they prioritize energy security and independence.

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