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Joe Biden stands by his son Hunter even as he faces criminal charges for tax fraud and firearms. With mounting evidence against him, will Biden throw his son under the bus or continue to defend him? Watch to find out.

President Joe Biden has made a bold statement defending his son Hunter despite a pending decision by federal prosecutors on whether to indict him on criminal charges related to tax fraud and firearms. Biden has expressed his trust in his son and believes he has done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, Hunter’s legal team has been in talks with DOJ officials to discuss the ongoing investigation, which has been ongoing for four years. The potential outcome of the investigation could have significant implications for Joe Biden’s presidency as he begins his re-election campaign. 

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs has been ongoing for four years, with potential criminal charges looming over his head. According to a report from Fox News, Hunter Biden is potentially facing two misdemeanor tax filing charges, a felony tax evasion charge, and a false statement charge over a gun purchase. Despite these potential charges, President Joe Biden continues to defend his son, insisting that he has done nothing wrong.

The younger Biden’s legal team recently met with officials from the Department of Justice to discuss the ongoing investigation. Among those present was Chris Clark, a prominent Washington-based attorney who has been representing Hunter Biden for years. The meeting was attended by officials from the tax division of the DOJ and the Delaware US Attorney’s office, headed by David Weiss.

Weiss, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, has been overseeing the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs since it was launched in 2018. He previously served as a federal prosecutor in the same office he now leads, and he has also worked in private practice as a litigation partner at a law firm.

The potential outcome of the investigation into Hunter Biden could have significant implications for President Biden, who has recently commenced his re-election campaign. Despite this, the President remains steadfast in his defense of his son. During his interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Biden argued that he is one of the most qualified presidential candidates in U.S. history and blamed his sinking approval rating on negative media coverage.

But the evidence against Hunter Biden is mounting. In addition to the potential charges related to tax fraud and firearms, the FBI and the IRS reportedly initiated an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine, including allegations of money laundering and tax fraud. While prosecutors have not yet made a decision on whether to bring charges, the fact that the investigation has been ongoing for four years suggests that they have a substantial amount of evidence to consider.

If Hunter Biden is indicted, it could be a significant blow to President Biden’s re-election campaign. The President has already faced criticism for his son’s business dealings in Ukraine, which were the subject of a controversial phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives. The addition of potential criminal charges would only add to the scrutiny.

Despite this, President Biden continues to defend his son, insisting that he has done nothing wrong. But as the investigation moves closer to a conclusion, the question remains: will Hunter Biden be able to escape the consequences of his actions, or will justice finally be served?

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s potential criminal charges highlights corruption at the highest levels of government. Despite mounting evidence, Joe Biden defends his son, indicating the Biden family has something to hide. The President’s unwavering support of Hunter, despite possible federal charges, exposes rampant corruption and nepotism in our political system. Americans must demand transparency and accountability from our leaders and not allow them to protect their own interests at the expense of the people. The Bidens must be held accountable, and justice must be served. The future of our nation depends on it.

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